My Bread Basket

....for the love of bread...

Nothing beats the smell and taste of freshly baked homemade bread.

Assorted Sweet Buns
Bacon and Olive Bread Rolls
Char Siew Bread Buns (叉烧小餐包)
Chocolate Chips Hot Cross Buns
Chocolate Swirl Buns and Spiderman Buns
Cinnamon Rolls (汤种 method)
Cinnamon Rolls (No Knead)
Coffee Cookies Buns (rotiboy)
Curry Buns
Garlic Buns
German Partybrot
Green Tea Buns
Halloween Pumpkin Bread Buns
Ham and Cheese Rose Buns
Homemade Ham and Sausage Buns
Honey Buns
Japanese Melon Pan
Kopitiam Bread Buns
Luncheon Meat Bread Buns (午餐肉小餐包)
Matcha Buns with Chocolate Chips
Matcha Melon Pan
Milk Butter Buns (65度C汤种奶酥面包 )
Mini Melon Pans
Oreo Cream Cheese Buns
Otah Buns
Pull Apart Sandwich Buns
Red Bean Rolls (烫种 method)
Seaweed Pork Floss Rolls (汤种 method)
Sweet Buns
Tuna Heart Buns
White Bread Rolls

Loaf Bread
Bacon and Cheese Bread
Banana Bread
Chocolate Chips Swirl Bread
Chocolate Marble Bread
Chocolate Marble Bread II
Chocolate Ring Loaf Bread
Chocolate Swirl Bread
Corn Flakes Bread Loaf
English Bread
Everyday Bread
Fun Shaped Toasts
Green Tea and Chocolate Marble Bread
Matcha Red Bean Loaf (kneading by hand, with illustrations)
Matcha Swirl Bread
Milk Loaf
Mixed Berries Yoghurt Bread
Mocha Loaf
Multi-grain Loaf
Nutella Milk Loaf
Nutella Twist Bread
Olive and Bacon Fougasse
Pandan Bread
Pork Floss Loaf
Pork Floss Loaf with Cheese toppings
Pumpkin Bread
Purple Sweet Potatoes Bread
Raisin Loaf
Raisin Sandwich Bread
Raisin Loaf, Tang Zhong method (65度C汤种葡萄干吐司)
Rosemary and Garlic Focaccia
Rosemary and Olive Oil Focaccia
Sweet Potato Bread
White Sandwich Bread (Gelatinised dough 烫种)
Wholemeal Bread
Wholemeal Loaf
Wholemeal Honey and Yoghurt Loaf
Wholemeal, Walnut and Raisins Bread
Wholemeal Yoghurt Bread Loaf
Wolf Berries Loaf

Bread Machine Loaf Bread
Butter Loaf
Chocolate Hazelnut Bread
Crunchy Peanut Butter Bread
Hokkaido Milky Loaf

Hawaiian Pizza I
Hawaiian Pizza II
Mushroom Pizza
No Knead Pizza
Thick Crust Pizza Dough
Vegetarian Pizza
Wholemeal Pizza crust

Japanese Cupbread / Mushi pan (杯子蒸面包)
Pork Floss Cupbread 杯子蒸面包

Dessert in a Toast Box