Wednesday, 24 October 2007

I've been tagged

Baking Fiends United has tagged me with this Hi-5 or 5-thing meme:

5 things found in your room
5 things found in your bag
5 things found in your purse/wallet
5 things you’ve always wanted to do
5 thins you are currently into
5 people you want to tag

This is the first time I have been tagged to do a meme. Well, I guess no one on earth would really be interested to know what I have in my bag or wallet, furthermore I am really not a bag person, I am 'hands free' most of the time. I rather tweak the meme a little just so to make it suit the theme of my blog...I hope I won't get hantam for making the changes ;)

ok, here's my version of the 5-things meme:

5 things found in my kitchen:
  • a dinning table
  • a display cupboard filled with bottled and canned Coca Cola (collected over the years)
  • a fridge, studded with fridge magnets
  • a useless cooker hood
  • a fan (I need to turn it on during very hot weather so that my kids will not get drenched all over in their own sweat.)

5 unusual things found in my fridge:
  • vitagen drinking straws
  • an assortment of candies (given generously to my younger boy's friends in pre-school)
  • a bottle of ling yang (antelope horn, a kind of Chinese medicine)
  • a packet of quick barley (pearl barley that has been steamed and dried)
  • empty styrofoam trays

5 things found in my 'baking equipment' cupboard:
  • a 20yr old handheld mixer
  • three 20 yr old aluminum baking trays
  • a diet scale for measuring baking ingredients
  • one brand new Daiso-bought 18cm tart pan
  • disposable pans of various shapes and sizes

5 things I’ve always wanted to do
  • to work in McDonald's (this has been on the list since I was a teen) so that I can learn how to make scramble eggs and those breakfast biscuits (I have recently found an online recipe, so I will probably drop this from the list soon!)
  • to start my own business or to be my own boss (this has been on my list since the very first day I started working in the corporate world.)
  • to work in Starbucks so that I can make a perfect cup of latte.
  • to re-visit all the places me and my husband have been to, this time round with my kids.
  • to pick up jogging, so that I can join my husband on his weekend jogging session.

5 things I am currently into
  • enjoying every single moments of my life
  • baking, baking and more baking
  • trying very hard to improve my cooking skills!!!
  • blogging and taking food photos
  • planning a series of outdoor and indoor activities for the kids during the coming school holidays.
5 people I want to tag
  • will not tag anyone, as I didn't following the exact meme closely ;p


Mandy said...

I wanted to work in Starbucks too. But never find the courage. :( Where did you get the vintage baking tray?! They must be really durable, since they can be used for 20 years!

Small Small Baker said...

You can start a baking business. You are so good!

Happy Homebaker said...

Mandy, really?! I thot I am the only one who have such crazy thots?! lolz! Those trays I've got are hand-me-down :) They are those cheap aluminum baking trays that are easily available at baking supply stores.

Small Small Baker, no, no way! I don't even have the skills to do a decent cake frosting ;p

Baking Fiend said...

nice meme... and superbly tweaked too! LOL...i guess there's no harm tweaking it. :) thanks for letting us know abit more about u.

Chawanmushi said...

Thanks for sharing a liitle bit more about yourself :-)

Happy Homebaker said...

Ida, Cecily, thanks =)

Anonymous said...

I tweaked my meme too. Hehe. And as weird as it sounds, there was a period in time when I wanted to work at Mac's as well! Simply coz of the adrenalin rush, and the waffling smell of piping hot fries :p

Anonymous said...

hey may i ask you, where did you buy your wholemeal flour? i went to ntuc and shengsiong but couldm't find it D;

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, you can try Carrefour or cold storage :)