Sunday, 5 August 2007

TV Dinners

We had TV dinners for the past whole week as there're only the three of us.

It's kind of difficult to cook a proper meal...the usual 2 dish, 1 soup and rice kind of dinners, as I will probably end up with leftover food. Yet, it was quite a task for me to come up with several simple one-pot dishes at a go, which all three of us would enjoy.

We had this Salmon Baked Rice for dinner last night. It's quite an easy dish to prepare...just need to stir fry some onions, fresh button mushrooms and salmon fillets. Place them over cooked rice and pour a can of ready-mixed tomato soup pre-mixed with a raw egg. Top with grated cheese and bake at 200 degC till the cheese turn golden.

This is truly a lazy mom's pasta dish! Angel hair pasta with creamy mushrooms and chicken chunks...cooked with sauce from a can of mushroom soup ;)

These are supposed to be Omu Rice...fried rice wrapped with egg omelet. This was my very first attempt at wrapping fried rice with an omelet. It was a really tricky affair...once the omelet starts to set, you will need to add the rice on top and quickly wrap it up. Thereafter, place a plate over the frying pan and flip the Omu rice over to the plate. I couldn't achieve the signature crescent-moon they all turned out flat and rectangular.

I added a little too much water to the rice...and the fried rice was a little too sticky :(

Another kid's meal for dinner....rice mixed with fresh salmon flakes, tomato omelet, blanched broccoli and carrots. Extremely healthy for the kids, but it was way too plain for me!

Well, these were not fantastic meals to rave about, and certainly not 'yummylicious'...but we did enjoyed our dinners right in front of the TV, watching my fave Korean drama ;)


Anonymous said...

U sure hv very good ideas! Must try! Now busy with baking so dinner must be compromised! Hahahahah...when u say "grated cheese", which kind fo u use? And is it optional or is there a substitute? Pls advise. Tks.

Happy Homebaker said...

hi vb, I will not advise to leave the cheese it adds flavour to the baked rice. I used grated mozzarella cheese that comes in a pack. Sometimes if I run out of grated cheese, I use cheese slices (those for sandwiches) and cut them into thin strips, work as well :)

Sue Sue said...

Happy Home Baker,
Extremely luv the way you cook your angel hair pasta. Real easy huh.

Anonymous said...

OK, cheese slices it is - cheaper mah! And I don't eat them anyway so will scrap away 95% of it!

cheapsk8te said...

Hello HappyHomeBaker,

These dishes look mouthwatering!

Being a mum of a 2+ year old, I'm having lots of problems coming up with delicious tasting food that my kiddo will finish eating. Quite a struggle really.

Will try some of your dishes here to entice him to eat more.

Can I ask you for advice on any ideas on how to feed a 2 year old, so they will eat 'faster', eat 'more' and finish all the food? (sort of a new mum asking experienced mum kinda thing. hope you won't mind).

thank you so much. Please keep posting your baking/cooking adventures. Am glad you're doing this. :D

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi HappyBakes, I guess each child is different, some will eat faster and eat more than the others. I cannot comment on eating 'more', but I can suggest for kids to finish up their food faster, it is best to stick to a routine. Feed your child at the specific time, specific place everyday. Give them very light snacks in between meals, but closer to meal time, refrain from giving them any snacks, especially sweet stuff. The best place for meal time for kids is the dining table. Refrain from feeding while the child is playing, watching tv and so on. Meal time is purely meal time. If u stick to this routine, your child will understand and it will become easier to feed him. You can give him some treats as desserts after dinner...hope it helps to entice him to finish up his meal faster. It is also good to expose your child to as much varieties of food/dishes as possible...especially vegs and fruits. Once children acquire the taste from young, you will not have much problem getting them to eat their greens. My children learnt to feed themselve when they were about two...we have meals together, and most of the time they are able to finish their food quite fast. I am really blessed with kids who are not fussy with food!