Monday, 2 July 2007

Just having some fun

No, I didn't bake this,

and I certainly don't have the skills to produce this ;)

I am sure you by now you would have guessed what these are...yes, they are erasers! Don't you think they look cute? I got them from Daiso recently...and meet the full spread here:

If you are interested, you can visit the manufacturer's site for the full range of erasers available. Since I don't use erasers, even if I do, I won't want to use them, I will probably turn them into fridge magnets instead :)

I also bought this set of cookie cutters...hmmm, mainly for the bear-shape I already own the star and heart-shape cutters.

Another cheap and good deal from Daiso...a set of egg moulds! I am gonna stuff the kids with hard-boil eggs real soon ;D


Devil's Son said...

wow....your blog really make me droll ~~
nice to discover your blog..

Wired Right Brain

Patricia Scarpin said...

They are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Erasers are so so cute!!!!!!! How do u turn them into fridge magnets??? May I know where u got them pls?

Anonymous said...

They're so cute! just like wat u said, how can dun buy rite? How come I frequently buy Daiso but never see all these?

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi vb, are you a local here? I got the erasers from the $2 shop, Daiso (the outlet at Plaza Singapura). To turn them into fridge magnets, all you need to do is to stick on a small round magnet underneath each eraser...or you can use those flexible magnetic sheets/strips.

Elyn, I think that's the interesting part of visiting Daiso...each time you will find something nice! I got the egg mold and erasers from the outlet at Plaza Singapura just last Friday...and the cookie cutters earlier from the Vivo City outlet.

Anonymous said...

I am Singaporean but living in HK (for long time oreadi) but I do come back often...just not enough as Daiso is like a chain store and the things are affordably priced? Hmm, nice....

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi vb, it must be nice living in HK! Daiso is a Japanese chain store...every item in the stores are priced at $2 each :)

Anne said...

those erasers fooled me! they are so cute. I will surely check it out when I make a trip there.