Sunday, 8 April 2007

Chirpy Breakfast

Yesterday morning, while having our breakfast, my elder boy requested for a "full" English breakfast for this morning. We don't usually have English breakfast as I find bacon, sausages and ham too high in sodium. Since the last time I did one for him was ages ago, I agreed and we bought the necessary items while out shopping for our groceries.

This morning, our kitchen smelt wonderful when the bacon was sizzling away in the frying no time, I had the sausages, sunny-side-ups and toasts ready.

I am a very fortunate mum as my kids are not fussy eaters from young. I didn't have to "dress-up" their food to entice them to eat their meals or greens. When I came across these adorable animal-shaped toasts from a Chinese cookbook, I told myself I should try making them for my boys someday. Since I was already "full force" in the kitchen, I spent a few more minutes to come up with these:

A chirpy looking just need to make a diagonal cut about 2~3 cm from the top right corner of a slice of bread all the way down to the bottom right corner. Then make 2 cuts on the cut-out piece of bread to make the beak and the wings and the eye. Simply arrange to form a chick and toast it. I used the left-over crusts from the car-shaped toast to form the legs.

This "sad" little doggy is made by cutting 2 small squares from each corner, and then make a cut on each side to make the ears. The left over squares (just the crust) are use to make the mouth and eyes.

For these 2 cars...just need to remove the crust of a slice of bread, then cut it into 2 rectangles. Next cut out a square & triangle from one corner, use the square for the window and one rectangular piece for the head-light. Repeat the same for the other car. Decorate with jam, peanut butter, etc. I cut two pieces of sausages for the wheels.

I admire the author of the cookbook for the genius way of doing the above. You will notice that there are not many left-over or unwanted pieces of bread...what ever little pieces are put to "good use". How clever!

We had a very hearty breakfast and you know what, we had to persuade my little one to eat the toasts as he found the doggy and chick to adorable to eat :)


bossacafez said...

oh wow, the things you can come up with toast. its so fun! i think most ppl would just grab n go for breakfast. with kids, u juz hv 2b creative :p initially when u mentioned english breakfast, i thought u meant continental breakfast - those with scones, muffins, english tea and the boring stuffs LOL. the ones with bacon, sausages & eggs are called american breakfast, i think? tho' high in sodium, i love it so much. guess not many ppl can really stay away from high fat/sodium + fried food :p

btw, i sent u an email!

Happy Homebaker said...

Evan, I just copy the whole idea from the cookbook...I'm not a creative kind of person.

I thot it was american breakfast too...until I checked Wikipedia...the name should be full English breakfast...but I think there's not much difference from the American breakfast. I told my elder boy about what goes in this kind of breakfast when we went for our honeymoon...we were served this kind of breakfast at the B&Bs we stayed in the B&Bs in UK.

Anne said...

Cool! My kids would definitely love this :)

Unknown said...

Hi SH, these look really cute, especially the chirpy bird toast. They would bring a smile to anyone, not just the kids. Hee...gonna make such cute toast for my bf..

evil & demented little cooker girl said...

so so cute!
my son would love these!

smashcover said...

wow you're really talented!! you should hold your own show!