Friday, 9 March 2007

Japanese Curry Rice

One of the first few simple dishes which I have learnt after I picked up cooking, is the Japanese Curry Rice. My son fell in love with this dish after having tasted it at a foodcourt. I was very glad when I came across this ready mix sauce at the Cold Storage. It is one of the few Japanese products that have instructions printed in English. I followed the recipe and was able to get it right the first time. There are 3 different types of flavours available, Mild, Medium and Hot. I use the mild one as my younger boy still can't take spicy food. This sauce is in a curry block form, there is another type which is in liquid form, which I have not tried.

It's really a very simple dish where you just stir fry some onions, meat (be it chicken, seafood or beef) with some carrots and potato chunks. Add water to simmer till the vegetables are done (about 10~15 mins) then add in the curry blocks. Continue to simmer for another few more mins till the sauce is thicken. I cook this with only a saucepan, so cleaning up is especially easy. Serve the curry with Japanese rice...long-grain rice is just fine as well.

One thing to note though...your kitchen will be filled with this thick curry aroma (almost like authentic Indian curry)...and it lingers for a long while before the smell diffuses.


Anonymous said...

this sound interesting and it sound really good to try perhaps i'll trty it . i've never tryed curry rice personally but i might now.

Anonymous said...

curry rice is really good!! there are different brands that maybe you'll love if you can find it.

my favorite is Vermont Curry -- made with apples -- so there is a hint of sweetness in it :)

Ashchronicles said...

Aaah..japanese curry rice is so delicious! like the poster above, i like the vermont curry one too! i've tasted the mild and hot ones but there really isnt much difference to the taste..
once i put too many oil to fry the onions, carrots and potatoes, it turns too oily and tastes..bad U_U

Anonymous said...

Yes I have tried a few of those. Even the hot ones seem mild to me though. Good for the kids though as you mentioned.  ∩‿∩