Friday, 29 December 2006

Journey to home baking

I finally bought a convection oven in August. I have stopped working since January this year to be a full time stay-at-home mum to take care of my 2 boys. I love baking, more than cooking meals for the family. Since I bought my little oven, I have been able to try baking various types of muffins, cookies & cakes. I have also managed to try frosting a layer cake. I realised that most of my friends do not bake or even cook frequently. I have came across many interesting recipes and bakes from the local food blogs here. By starting this blog, I hope I am able to get ideas and suggestions from fellow home bakers to improve my baking skills. At the same time I hope my creations and little experiments would also inspire others, who are like me, to start baking as a hobby. Here's my latest creation, Chocolate Fudge Brownies.

I followed the recipe from a cookbook for the base. The cake did'nt turn out to my expectation to be fudgy, instead, it's more cake-like and a bit dry. As such, I will not post the recipe here. The frosting is great. I melted some dark chocolate with whipping cream. It's very smooth and chocolaty. Yum yum! My LG likes the brownies, he finds it very tasty. I used little bear jelly gums to decorate the brownies as my younger boy luv candies.


skhan said...

Hi, By looking at your blog I believe you have a great potential to run a nice baking blog. I LOVE baking so much. I have a very small oven and my baking endeavours are limited to small & simple bakes. But I plan to buy a nice big oven one day (InshaAllah). I was wondering how small is your oven ? It was so nice to be on your blog. Take Care!
P.S. I couldn't find Feeds for your blog to subscribe.

Happy Homebaker said...

hi skhan, thanks for your kind words :) I am using a small oven's a tabletop oven, 20 litres. It can only fit a 10" by 14" baking tray ;) Sorry, I have not added any Feeds in my blog except blogger's Followers.