Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Baked Korokkes

Baked these Korokkes or Japanese Croquettes for dinner today. Yes, they were baked, not deep-fried!

Thanks to Angie for sharing her recipe. I have no idea that korokkes could be baked until I read her recent post. I hate cooking dishes that require deep-frying. Cleaning is a major issue for me! This baking method really appeals to me. I wasted no time to try it out. I tweaked the recipe a little to suit the tastebuds of my kids, and used minced pork instead of tuna for the filling. This healthy version of korokkes will gonna be one of our regular dishes from now on.


  1. Hi,
    I saw your post and decided to baked some chicken chops.. I marinated some deboned chicken legs and thighs. Coat them with flour, then beaten egg then breadcrumbs and bakes them at 220 degrees for 30 mins.. They turned out nice and crispy! Thank you for your recipe.. :)

  2. Hi Suk Yen, thanks for sharing! I will sure bake chicken chops this way, I've never thot of it!

  3. I just used your post and Angie's recipe as a basis for my own korokke using sweet potato, crabstick and green onions. I still used the curry powder in the crust with honey panko. They're baking right now so we'll see what happens! I tasted a bit of the "filling" and it was really good! :D

  4. sorry for my ignorance...we dont need to cook the meat before coating it with egg and flour right? Just coat the marinated raw meat will do? Thanks!

  5. Hi Anonymous, I cooked the minced meat and mix with the mashed potatoes before coating it with egg and flour.

  6. Hi Happy Homebaker, is curry powder a must for the taste? Cuz i worry it will be too spicy for my little one.

    Did you use flour before coating it with egg and bread crumbs? Cuz the original recipe did not state flour, but seems like some of your readers are using it...which is better?

    Do you turn the croquettes halfway thru the baking process? Is it necessary?

    Thanks very much for sharing!


  7. Hi Lilacz, I understand your concern :) When my kids were younger, whenever I need to cook anything spicy, I will remove their portion and cook with less chilies or spices. Maybe you can make a few korokkes without the curry powder just for your child :)

    No, I didn't use flour, the reader actually used flour to bake chicken chop not korokkes. I did turn them half way, because my oven has got hot spots, some part will brown faster, and the heating coil is located at top, so the top tend to brown faster than the bottom.

  8. Sorry for my endless questions...do you think this will work for pumpkin and sweet potatoes? Im thinking of just mashing these up and coat with egg and bread crumbs then bake...think the sweetness of pumpkins and sweet potatoes do not require any seasoning...what you think?

  9. Hi Lilacz, I am sorry, I have not tried with pumpkin or sweet potatoes so I am not able to comment.

  10. Hi Happy Homebaker, I just came across your blog and am eager to try out many recipes! Thank you for sharing :) Just a small question on breadcrumbs... Can you make them and how? Or buy them?

    1. You can made your own breadcrumbs, basically toast bread until hard then use a processor to pulse into crumbs. You may google for detailed instructions. Just last week I made korokke using crushed cornflakes instead of breadcrumbs, works really well, very crispy.
      Have fun baking and cooking :)