Saturday, 17 January 2009

Breakfast or Brunch

I have been keeping several pancake recipes hoping that I can get myself to try making them one day...especially for my younger child who is a big fan of hotcakes. My elder child has never liked them...he would rather have roti prata or fried carrot cake for his weekend breakfast. It was no surprise when he gave me a very disappointed look when he found out that I was busy frying pancakes on a Sunday morning.

It was easy for me to decide which recipe to use. It was none other than this recipe from my favourite reference website...the I have all the ingredients on hand unlike some other recipes that requires buttermilk or self-raising flour. The serving size is also just right. I like the clear and concise instructions and I certainly find the description on the cooking part very useful.

Making of the batter was real easy, it took me less than 10mins to get everything done. It was the cooking part that took longer than expected. Since I have only a small frying pan, I could only cook one pancake at a time. My family members took turn to have their and when the pancake was ready. By the time I sat down to have my breakfast (including spending another 5 mins taking a few photos), it was already 9.30am! My breakfast became brunch!

Even though the pancake had cooled off, I thought they tasted really good! This is the best pancakes I have ever tasted. The closest match were those McGriddles (minus the bacon and sausage!) we once had in Ueno, Tokyo. No wonder the one who doesn't care for pancakes had 3 in a row! My younger boy told me they were as good as those hotcakes that he adores and has requested that I made them again soon.

After my breakfast/brunch, I went pottering around the house. I was in such a good mood that I even spent some time taking photos of my plants. Here's sharing with you my pot of African violet which is now in full bloom. What a great way to start my day.

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday morning too :)


Anonymous said...

Hi happy homebaking, i'm new to blogging and trying many attempt to categorise (i.e. Milk loaf falls under my bread basket category.. etc). Can you please tell me how to go about? I did label though but still fail.. Appreciate if you could advice.. Thanks

Brilynn said...

I usually get 2 pans going when making pancakes, but if that's not possible you can also preheat the oven to 200 and put the finished pancakes on a baking sheet to keep warm while you cook the rest of them. That way everyone can still eat together.
They look great by the way, it's been far too long since I've made pancakes.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Anonymous, to create the category, you can go to "Layout", select "Page Element" then click on the "Add a Gadget" at the side bar. Choose "Link List" and add in the links for each single one of your postings. Hope this helps.

Brilynn, thanks for the great idea! I dont have two pans, but I will certainly keep the pancakes warm in the oven when I made them next time.

Yuri said...

Hey HHB, thanks for the inspiration, shall try it esp with the CNY holidays coming up, if there is time... otherwise, there's always weekends!

Anonymous said...


Your pan cake looks very tempted.

I love to eat McGriddles btw.

evil & demented little cooker girl said...


Bimmer said...

Hi Happy Homebaker,

I've been a passive fan of your blog for the longest time!

Would like to pass an award to you in appreciation of your effort in maintaining your blog, do visit


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Yuri, yes, you can always try this on weekends :)

Hi Let's masak, thank you!

Hi EADLCG and Bimmer, thank you for the awards! I'm so happy to be given two awards on the same day :D

Anonymous said...

Even your photos look good enough to eat.

Your comment about lacking buttermilk reminded me of a substitute. In a glass measure, put 1 Tablespoon/15mL white vinegar or lemon juice then add regular milk up to the 1 Cup/8oz/236~mL mark. Stir and let sit for 5 minutes. Now you have a buttermilk equivalent for any recipe.

Homemade Heaven said...

I have been looking for a real American pancake recipe - and this looks just the business. Thank you and will try them out on my son when he comes home for the holiday.

Sarah said...

Cuute! Lovely pancakes.

xox Sarah

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi FL Mom, thanks for the info on the buttermilk substitute!

Hi Rose & Thorn, I am sure you will going to like this :)

Thanks Sarah!

waisze said...

I agree with you. Joy of Baking's recipe is spot on! My husband and I enjoy it very much. I also only use one pan and cook one pancake at a time, but I keep my oven on to keep the pancakes warm and it tastes great with warm maple syrup drizzled on top!

Anonymous said...

Hi HHB! I stumbled upon your blog recently, and I have to say it's a real joy reading your posts. I'm new to baking myself, and your recipes really are wonderful! I'm trying out the choc chip & walnut brownie recipe right now (it's cooling.. can't wait to dig in!), and will try this recipe out tomorrow, as we have fresh strawberries, and maple syrup. I'm sure my husband will love them!

Yo'll probably see some more comments from me in the near future. =)

Take care!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi F.A, thanks for visiting! I hope you will like the brownies :) and I quite certain that this pancake recipe won't disappoint you :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, these pancakes really did not dissapoint me! My husband who is a pancake addict said these were the best pancakes he ever tasted. Thanks for the recipe, it's definitely a keeper! =)

Anonymous said...


I recently just tried this pancake recipe.. it was sosoososos good. my 2 yo loves it too. yummy yummy. Thanks for sharing. now i have more things to make for breakfast other than sandwiches.