Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Piano Cake

I finally picked up the courage to make this cake.

Saw this video clip from youtube while searching for sanrio products. My 5 yr old is a fan of Cinnamoroll, one of the many sanrio characters. We were watching a video clip of Cinnamoroll when I came across the Sugar Bunnies, another sanrio character. After viewing the clip, I told my boys that someday, I will make them this cake, just like the sugar bunnies. If you like baking, do spent less than 4 mins of your time to watch the clip, I am sure you will find it very cute and interesting. It is in French (I think), but it is really self-explanatory.

Since this is my first real attempt to frost a cake, the result is very very very far from the one shown in the video clip. It took me a while to convince myself to post it here, haha!

The cake itself was quite easy, as I used a simple sponge cake recipe. I used peach slices and whipping cream for the filling, but then I realised there wasn't enough cream for me to decorate the cake, in fact, it wasn't even enough to cover the entire cake!

My younger boy helped me with the filling, and, as usual, he helped himself with the left over peaches. The elder one guided me on the correct position of the "black keys". They were actually chocolate wafers from Meiji. Too bad they weren't exactly black...they were dark brown. They were the closest I could get. My son asked me whether we could just paint them black ;)

I really lack the skills to assemble a 3-layer cake. The cake was not really flat and sharp at the edges. I ended up with a bulging keyboard. Well, although the cake didn't look what it's suppose to be, at least the taste is still alright. I guess I have to practise many more times, if not will have to go for a formal baking class, before I could make a decent looking cake!


  1. I like your piano cake :) There's always a first time for everything, so don't worry. The approval of your family is far more important than other peoples opinion. I'm a self taught baker myself and I had my fair share of mistakes and disasters. I bet when my son gets to see your piano cake he would persuade me to make one :) Anyway, next week I'll try to make your malted doggie cookies for my youngest son's party. I hope I'll do it right. Wish me luck :)

  2. Thanks again for the encouragement. I am also a self taught baker...I'm the DIY kind of person.
    I am sure you can make a better piano cake than me. Do try it, so that I can learn from you :))

    The doggie cookies are very simple to make...I have tried 3 times already, going to make another batch for CNY. Do make sure you get the smaller size chocolate chips for the noses, the bigger ones will look out of proportion.

  3. Thanks for telling me about that. What i have right now are the regular ones. I keep it in mind to buy the smaller ones :)

  4. Hi HHB,
    i really enjoy reading your blog and your photos are fantastic! I started a food blog of my own recently and i always look up to your work! i'm still working hard on my photos..lol. anyway, just want to tell you that you may try piping your cream filling in concentric circles starting from the center instead of just spreading with a spatula. it helps to get a more even layer.

  5. Hi Jaxe, thanks so much for the tip! I have never thot of that, will certainly try it the next time :D

  6. Hihi, can I know where u buy the Meiji chocolate wafer? Thanks Kris

  7. Hi, I got it from supermarket...