Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Baking Journal

1095 days
259 blog posts
210 recipes
58 cakes
53 breads
35 simple dishes
22 cookies
21 muffins and quickbreads
11 chiffons

I am two days behind my 3rd blog anniversary.

I spent the past two days putting together my favourite recipes and photos into a book. Yes, I created my own cookbook, sort of ;)

This book will remain in a digital form, as I will be adding in recipes every now and then, plus, it will be too expensive to get it printed!

To thank all of you who have been spending your time reading about my baking adventures, and for leaving encouraging comments and very kind words on this humble blog, I will like to share this collection of my past baking and cooking repertoire with you. I do hope you enjoy flipping through the pages :D

Happy 2010!


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a lovey book, I would totally buy it if it was printed. :)

  2. Wow!!! I am amazed by the layout and it will sure be on my ordering list if it is printed :) Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  3. Awesome! Beautifully Done!
    Best of all, HHB, i know your recipes are trustworthy and they worked! It is from your blog that i learn to bake breads and all kinds of cakes etc. So i can testify that your recipes are easy to follow and the results are amazingly good!

    You have certainly make a difference to my life through your blogging :)
    Congratulations to your 3rd anniversary and the best is yet to be!
    Hugssss :)))

  4. Amazing..All your recipes are quite easy to follow and I used to refer to your blog.. I will definitely keep a copy if it is printed. Wish you and your family "Happy new year 2010" !

  5. Wow, it must be satisfying looking back at your work of art :)
    I always have wanted to do this, but I thought maybe I should collect more recipes first!
    Have a Happy New Year! I'm sure for the coming year we would try our best to make more and more food!!

  6. Aww ... That's such a fantastic idea! I always love to read your work ... such inspiring! =D

    Keep it up, HHB! 我會永遠的支持妳!

    Happy New Year to you & family!


  7. it's amazing!! I'll definitely buy more than one copy if you print it for sale!! :)

  8. Nicely done! You always compile your work before the year comes to an end..super idea! Wish I have the patience to do that, haha! Anyway, keep it up.

  9. Hi HHB
    Happy New Year to You!
    Your cookbook is so professionally done. I will surely buy a copy if you will get it published. I made the Tiramisu Charlotte cake and Lemon and Rosemary roast chicken for our New Year gathering today and my sisters and brothers-in-law just love it.
    Thanks..... without you, I won't get the compliments....
    Thanks again and 'see' you soon

  10. Happy New Year to You HHB!
    Missed ur ACTIVE posting of recipes!
    All the best to U & ur family wherever u are!


  11. This is simply amazing! I'm sure you have spent lots of time and effort on this. Can I keep an electronic copy of your book? :)

    Happy Anniversary and hope to see more goodies from you in 2010! Happy New Year!

  12. Hi, homebaker,

    That's really nice of you to share. I always like to see your blog when I am looking for ideas to bake. It's fantastic. Thanks for sharing. It's a good book!

  13. wonderful...i truly love your blog...i will try ur recipes soon...i've only done ur horlicks doggies but as i look into ur virtual much yumm treats to try and bake...more power to you!!! Have a fantastic 2010!!!

  14. What a great way to share your recipes! Happy blogiversary, and here's wishing you a wonderful 2010 ahead :)

  15. HHB, why not get it printed? I will buy too.

    Well done and continue to post...

    Happy Anniversary and Happy 2010.

  16. Hi,

    I'm a silent reader of your blog and have referred to your blog for ideas on birthday cakes. I also made the Tiramisu Charlotte cake for my father-in-law and friend and they both said that the design looks very pretty! I must really thank you for the inspiration and the wonderful work.

    The electronic book really looks awesome. If you have it published one day, can you please let us know? I'll definitely get a copy of it!

  17. Hands up, legs up.... your recipe book is definitely much much better than those sold out there!!! You left me very very impressed, once again. Thanks for all your sharing ;-)

  18. The electronic book says 'this photobook has been deleted by the user'. Can you kindly check cuz I badly wanna drool at the photos!! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  19. Hi Quinn, I checked my browser (I am using firefox) and the digital book is still displayed on my blog post. Anyway, I have just used a fresh set of codes again, hope it works now.

  20. Yeah, it works now!!! Are you considering to make a food calendar out of these???? They are so beautiful! Happy New Year HHB!

  21. Happy 2010! Your digital recipe book is a perfect new year gift for your readers. So nicely and creatively done up! Thank you!

  22. What a good way to start a year. Happy new year to your and ur family.

    The book's design and layout is even better than some of the printed cookbook sold in bookstore. U are very talented!!

  23. This is awesome!! really pro, why not you print it and I'm sure will buy a copy. Happy New Year to you !!

  24. Wow, this is definitely an amazing collection of your recipes, so beautifully done with superb layout and illustrations. Kudos for the good job and Happy New Year! Hope to see more recipes from you soon.


  25. Happy new year and happy blog anniversary, HHB! Here's to many more good years to come :)

  26. Very nicely and well done! Love the pictures and recipes that work. :)

    Just hate some books in the store which have nice pictures but recipes that suck.

    I've got the same idea to do a recipe book for myself one day. Now still gathering recipes and learning to take better photos first.

    Perhaps you can sell electronic copies! :D

    Happy New Year!

  27. Hi HHB,
    You're always so patiently doing all those pretty stuff! Seriously, like one of the comments, if you really get this published, I would like a copy. I think you should consider having this published! It's just so beautiful, and so much effort into it!
    Happy New Year HHB! Hope to see more of your baking posts! Happy Blog-sary!

  28. Hi,

    I have followed your blog for almost a year and it's time to say a big "Thank You". In Hong Kong where I live now, I have thought it was impossible to bake bread using a small counter top oven. Then I came across your recipes, the portion and taste are just perfect. Now I even knead by hand, good exercise.

  29. Wow! Great looking book. Its a new career in the making!

  30. Wow! Very impression with your e-book. I love it. Hope to see more of baking in 2010. :D

  31. HHB, this is really awesome! Indeed the book looks really professional. Congratulations on your third year into blogging!

  32. I love your blog and your e-book look really professional, really wish to view your book in full size and keep a copy of it on my shelf! Thank you for sharing all the great recipes!

  33. Wow! Awesome book! Will grab a copy if it goes on print, for the recipes and the PHOTOS!

    Happy New Year and congrats on your blog anniversary! :)

  34. Awesome! You not only inspire others through baking, but also now, in creating a collection of recipes :). I also hope I can compile a collection of recipes that I used before (but of a selfish reason - as I usually link the recipes I used, thus worried others remove them and I can't remake it anymore)

    I really love your book .. not sure if it is my problem, but when I click on it, it just will not open ... I can only satisfied with the blog post small version.

    Lastly, I think you really should consider publish it. You already have a few orders :)

  35. Your blog looks scrumptious, and you have so many amazing things on here!! I just started up my own baking blog, and I would appreciate it if you would take a look and follow it!


  36. Hello, your digital cookbook looks very nice!! thanks so much for sharing the recipes and tips in baking..i really like reading your blog and looking at those pretty pictures. I wish i could bake like you one day ;)

  37. HHB...Your book is lovely...Thanks for the inspiration. I stumbled upon your site while looking for sausage rolls recipe and ended up trying the Hokkaido Milk Bread instead with much success after a terrible failure on Pain Aux Noix (Walnut Bread). Here's the link to my site, which I've mentioned about you, that inspired me to work better on my bread:
    Certainly looking forward to your comments and more inspiration.

  38. Hi Jenny, I read your blog, but I don't know how to leave a comment in your blog ;')
    I am glad that your hokkaido milk loaf turns out well, it is a very wet and sticky dough, so it takes extra effort to knead by hand. I am happy to find aanother bread baker sharing the same enthusiasm as me :D