Friday, 11 December 2009

A stroll...

There is this nice little park at the apartment we are staying. It is very well maintenance and has got a nice landscaping design. There are a couple of garden mazes, a small playground, pretty porches, several fountains (although they are not operating at this time of the year), beautiful pebbled paths and the park is dotted with many shrubs and trees. Whenever the weather is 'warm' enough, I will bring my two kids for a stroll.

Come, join me for a walk in the garden...

There were many pretty roses when we were here in autumn, now most of the flowering plants have been pruned down. It it inevitable for me to take notice of the evergreens instead. This close up picture reminds me very much of the tip of a milk bottle brush ;)

There are several species of pine trees in the garden. I spotted this one, which looks exactly like those artificial Christmas trees on sale at shopping malls back home. It is known as Pinus Armandii Franch or Armand Pine. This conifer has got leaves that grow in clusters and branches out to make them look like pom-poms. The tips of the needle-like leaves are tinted yellow...this makes the pom-poms appear to glitter and glow.

When I first saw these trees, I thought they were Pussy Willows, those decorating plants the Chinese love to deck their halls with during Chinese New Year.

Those flurry flowers? or buds? feel just like the catkins of the pussy willows, but they do not have long branches.

I have this habit of collecting pine cones whenever I go to temperate countries. I searched around, but there were none on the ground :(

So, I can only satisfy myself with pictures of these cones which are still pretty much attached to the branches. (Yes, I tried plucking it! I know, I am being very naughty ^_^")

This is part of a structure of a giant fountain...

filled with plenty of pebbles...I am sure this spot would look awesome during a summer night.

More trees along the way...

the leaves were all gone, I don't know what are these plant parts remaining on the branches...are they buds? fruits? or flowers?

Are you able to spot the strange 'claw-like' branch in this photo?

This is something interesting for us, since we don't own any pets. It's a trash bag dispenser, for pet owners to 'pick up' after their dogs.

Another interesting tree with unique patterns on the tree trunk, just like the prints on army uniforms!

At the end of our short walk, my hands were all frozen after exposing them in the cold for so long. I hope you have enjoyed this photographic 'stroll' as much as I do.


agapejen said...

Very nice photos. U have shown us another side of 'Beijing' - it definitely doesn't look like those we found in books or brochure. Your apartment must be very beautiful too.
A nice place to do 'assessment' hor (for your kids), :)

Passionate About Baking said...

I not only enjoyed your food bakes, I also enjoy all your posts on your trips and other experiences. Thanks very much for sharing all these experiences. :)

MH said...


Your pics are very well-taken! The top 2nd pic sure look like the tip of milk bottle! :D

I personally like the 5th pic (DSCF0051)from the bottom. The background was "blurred" very nicely bringing out the main object, the bud or flower. The background of the other pic (DSCF0043)was slightly "messy" or 杂. That's what I learned donkey years ago from my "sifu". Oops! hope no hard feeling... just sharing what I can remember though...


Pei-Lin said...

This is a really great, meaningful post. Glad you blog not just about culinary experiments, too! Nice to see life in another perspective.

The journey down the park was a beautiful one indeed! I also liked to "disturb" those pine cones when I was in the States ... Oftentimes, I also decided not to whenever I saw those cute little chipmunks around LOL!!

Please take care and stay warm in Beijing!

Cheers from Malaysia,

Adrienne ("A") said...

What lovely photos--it makes a difference to look closely, doesn't it?

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

Your photos are beautiful.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi agapejen, thanks for the kind words, yes, the apartment is quite conducive for doing assessment, at least it is not hot and humid back home which makes all of us want to fall asleep!

Hi Jane, I am glad that you like this post, I can't write well, how I wish I can write beautifully just like many bloggers out there,

Hi MH, yes I understand what you mean, I like the one with the blur background too, they call it 'depth of field'. I don't know much about photography, all my photos are point and shoot! I have yet to find time to learn more about photography!!

Pei Lin, I used to 'steal' giant pine cones from the national park in the States. The biggest one I have is about the size of a small papaya!