Thursday, 5 January 2012

A Recollection

It's that time of the year when I will reflect on what I've accomplished in my little world of baking and blogging, and, to wish my blog, a belated, blog anniversary!

It has been five years since I pen my very first blog post here. Since then, the number of posts per year has declined drastically...from a whopping 128 posts on the first year (I can't believe I was writing more than two posts a week back then), down to not more than 70 posts for the following years. Sad to say, I couldn't even make it to one post per week in 2011. My initial passion to blog about every single thing has long gone and the period between updates drags from days to weeks.  At the rate I am going, I wonder whether I am able to hit 30 posts by end of this year?

I still love baking. There are many recipes out there that I would like to explore. But, putting together a blog post goes beyond mixing ingredients and putting batter into oven. I am usually lost for words when it comes to the actual writing. Of course it is easy to write a post, but to be able to write a great post, with content and be able to engage the reader is something I have to struggle with every time I am on the 'draft' mode. Besides, I am probably too boring a person to be able to put up an interesting post every other day.

Nevertheless, I am proud of myself that I didn't deviate too much from the main aim of starting this blog five years ago...

"By starting this blog, I hope I am able to get ideas and suggestions from fellow home bakers to improve my baking skills. At the same time I hope my creations and little experiments would also inspire others, who are like me, to start baking as a hobby. "

I started off year 2011 with great inspirations...with the good intention of walking down my baking trail once again. Just like any other new year resolutions, I didn't accomplish much (^^'). Neither did I venture further from the simple was always the usual muffins, cookies and easy cakes. But I did attempt to try making traditional kuihs and local desserts, such as ondeh ondeh and tau suan. I hope I deserve a pat on the shoulder for that ;)

Here's a recollection of some of my favourite bakes and desserts for the past year...

Old Fashioned Banana Cake

Matcha Chiffon Cake

Melt-in-mouth German Cookies

Classic Chocolate Cake

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Apple Tart

Tau Suan

Traditional Mooncakes

Muah Chee

Cinnamon Rolls

Sweet Potato Ondeh Ondeh

Cranberries Scones

If you are interested in any one of them, just click on the images for the recipes.

I won't be making any new year resolutions...all I wish for is, this time next year, I am able to recollect more good memories than the past year.

Here's wishing all of you, a fruitful and prosperous year ahead!


Anonymous said...

dear friend,
hope you and your family have a very happy and prosperous dragon year too! and pls keep those posts coming, no matter how long u take to post your blogs, we'll be waiting....:)

Cosy Bake said...

Wish you a happy new year!! YOu have had all the great bakes.... I am just like you, slowly , my blogging rate has gone lower as the time passes. I did ask myself why too! despite many new recipes I would love to try them out and blog them, I have no cruel, why I started to slow down. One thing for sure,that I am not quite an active blogger, likewise not many readers know about me. But that never stop me from loosing the passion for baking. Let's have more great bakes in the coming year ahead!!

Daphne said...

Awesome, thanks! Love your work ^^

Rathai said...

Wonderful recollection. I really love your blog. I have been a silent reader ever since I found your blog. Hope to see many more lovely recipes this year. Happy New Year wishes to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Dear HHB,
Am a reader of your blog. I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate the fact that you are always eager to share, no reservation. Thanks for that.
I will continue to look out for your new posts, be it muffins or cookies etc, I enjoy the same : )
Wishing you and yr family a great yr ahead!


Gabri said... all of your cakes!! :))) Happy new year!

Wendy said...

Hi, can you pls advise how do you keep leftover yeast? Do you keep in fridge?

happybowl said...

hi HHB numbers don't count always, it the quality and novelty in the posts that makes yours a unique blog. I look forward to many more this year ...:-)

Anonymous said...

I am a reader of your blog and even tried out some of your recipes. They turned out great.Thanks for that. I will continue to support... Wishing you a prosperous New Year.


Small Small Baker said...

Happy blog anniversary! I believe you have inspired many people to learn baking, I'm one of them who start to bake and blog because of you. I actually love your simple bakes. I'm sure you have more to share in this coming year. Happy 2012! :)

Elpiniki said...

Everything looks amazing!
Happy New Year!
I just found and loved your blog!
Visit me at:

yun said...

Been reading your blog :-) Jia you !!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Beautiful recap and everything look so good! Happy New Year 2012 to you and looking forward more nice bakes from you.

mj said...

Hi HHB, tk u for the great effort u put into each and every post, i enjoy reading every1 of them :-)
Wishing u & your family the best that 2012 can bring!

Tricia said...

I'm a home baker and I just came acorss your blog. Everything looked delicious. Good luck in 2012!

Anonymous said...

Hi HHB, just want to let you know that your blog is one of the first that inspire me to start baking. Thank you and happy anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Hi HHB, just to tell you your blog especially on bread has help a lot with my bread baking. I learnt quiet a lot from the comments section.

I've tried your simple wholemeal loaf. In my first attempt I have proof it to almost 90% of the pan. It still did not fill up the pan. So for the 2nd attempt I proof to almost the brim of the pan, hoping this time I would get a perfect square. For both times I found that the bread collapsed. I've been told that it is because I have over proof it.

May i know where I go wrong and how do i prevent the bread to collapse.The bread however turn out to be soft.


Anonymous said...

Hi HHB, please do not underestimate the power of your blogs! I believe many readers have enjoyed and benefited from your postings. In fact, your blogs are very interesting, very sincere, very real and I do think you have a very good eye and take such beautiful pictures!

Please do continue to blog, your entries have become my 精神良食!

May Ng said...


That's what I like about your blog, unpretentious, fool-proof and simple recipes for beginner like me.

I really appreciate your generosity, always so willing to share information.

You consistently take time to reply all readers' queries. That's a wonderful personal touch!

I hope you will be able to achieve your new year resolution too!

Looking forward to more delicious and healthy recipes!

Happy Homebaker said...

Thanks octopusmum, one of the best thing that came out of this blog is...I have found a friend :):)

Honeyboy, I share the exact same sentiment...I am not a very active blogger too as I try to limit my time on blogging and surfing the net. When your child is older, you will realise that you will cut down your time on blogging and baking even will probably feel that you should be spending time coaching your child than on your own hobbies. Nevertheless, we just blog at our own pace, I am sure those who are in the same situation as us will understand :)

Rathai, thanks for reading my blog, hope to hear more from you :)

Carol, thanks for your encouragement, will try to be more adventurous this year!

happybowl, you have never failed to cheer me up with your lovely comments :)

Happy Homebaker said...

Eli, thanks for reading and trying out the recipes...I am glad they turn out great!

yun, thanks!!

SSB, thanks my fellow blogger pal...lets continue to give support and encouragement to one another who share the same passion in baking :)

Thanks Sonia!

mj, glad to hear that you enjoy reading my posts ;D

Thanks for visiting Tricia! Hope to hear from you more often.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Anonymous, I feel honoured to hear that I have got you to start baking :):)

hi NC, I think it could be due to your pan size...what is the size of your loaf pan? I suspect it is too big for the portion. and how long did it take to proof till 90%? if it takes longer than 1.5hrs (assuming you proof at 28-30degC), you could have over proof the dough, causing it to collapse.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks so much for your encouragement! Will certainly continue to share whatever good recipes that I have come across :)

hi May, thanks for your kind words! I am happy to hear that the recipes I posted here works well :D Will try my best to learn and improve my skills further so that I can share with everyone here.

thecoffeesnob said...

Happy new year, HHB! Here's to another great year in the kitchen!

Swati Sapna said...

I think we all struggle with the same blogging woes! So dont worry, you have company :D I have so many recipes stored in drafts, but keep waiting for inspiration to strike so that I can write a good, engaging blog post to go with the food. And that means, I manage just a few posts a year!
But you have managed a lovely collection over the last year. Happy New Year and happy blogging!

Anggie's Journal said...

Hi, i m anggie from :)
I learn quite alot of recipe from you . Love ur baking blog to bite :)
Btw , i m planning to bake some cookies for CNY, i wander those recipe u share for cookies, how long can we keep in a close container ? So i can plan my baking ... before it too late or too early to bake those cookies .
Example like the doggies cookies and German cookies . Can it last for 1 weeks or more ???
As for the German cookies, can we replace corn starch as potato starch ? actually i m not sure what it means by potato starch !! O.o
Hope to hear from u :)

Anonymous said...

You have done a great job with your generous sharing of experience and bakings. I was deeply motivated by your posts. I have tried a numbers of your cake receipes and my family loves it. The tau suan receipe is a thumbs up, my family loves it, easy to cook and yummy too. Looking forward to see more of your post.
Happy New Year, wishing you Great Health, Happiness Always!
Emily Koh

Happy Homebaker said...

Same to you Laureen!

Swati, thanks for your kind words :) happy new year to you too!

Anggie, I usually bake my CNY cookies 1 week before...I seal them up right after they are cool off. Usually they will be gone by first week of CNY. So that's about 2 weeks of 'shelf life'.
You can take a look at SSB's blog post for the picture of the potato starch, I use the same brand (
I just made the German cookies two days ago for a friend :)

Hi Emily, glad to hear that you have pick up some useful recipes here. I like the tau suan recipe too, I didn't know it is so simple to put together :D

Creative Thinker said...

I have been silent reader of your blog ever since I found your blog.I enjoy reading your blog.Happy blog anniversary.Happy new year.Hope to read more of your easy to follow receipes in this new year.

Jes's Deli Corner said...


I have been your reader since 2010..Love your blog especially the blueberry yogurt cheesecake, mango pudding cake and recently baked the Milo doggies cookies. My family loves this cheesecake as non sweet and creamy..Wish you Gong Xi Fa Cai in advanced ..:o)