Thursday, 21 January 2010

Weekend Breakfast

Saturday morning is the only day in the week that we can afford to have a little extra time to eat our breakfast.

Since we do not have to leave house before ten, I would make it a point to prepare something in not the usual toasts and buns! This is especially important as the three of us have developed this bad habit of reading late past mid-night on  every Friday night.  A delicious breakfast is what we need to kick-start our weekend. 

We are not looking at a full spread scrumptious breakfast with sausages, bacons, hams and eggs. We save this for special occasions since both my kids have rather small appetite. Whenever I try to get my younger child to eat more, he will always extend his little fist and declared that his stomach is only that small, and, it is not expandable!  So I keep our weekend breakfast  simple. It would either be waffles or pancakes, or a batch of freshly baked muffins. It is also easy to please my kids with just a simple sunny-side-up or scramble eggs.

I am usually not alone in the kitchen when I go about preparing our weekend breakfast. My tween is always eager to lend a helping hand...he has since learned how to fry a scramble egg, and is doing quite well with a sunny-side up, although he almost burnt his first prata. I can't blame him as it takes time (and probably many failed attempts) to acquire the skills of adjusting the heat on the stove top. 

I can't remember since when I started keeping stocks of frozen roti prata in my freezer. I have tried several brands, so far I prefer the NTUC house brand.  I like the way it puffs up creating a nice flaky crust.

Two summers ago, I was introduced by a close one to this 蔥油蛋饼, Taiwanese egg pancake, a popular breakfast item in Taiwan. The one I had was made with frozen 蛋饼皮 (pancake/crepe) that came with spring onions in it. I was also taught how to make this simple and yet very tasty dish. Since then, I have been searching for this frozen 蛋饼皮 in the local supermarket shelves, but apparently it is not available here. Although I do have cravings for this Taiwanese-style egg pancake, but I won't go to the extend to made the skin from scratch. I trust my skills, I am sure it won't taste good ;)

As the 蛋饼皮(pancake/crepe) is quite similar to our roti prata, I tried to replicate this meal with frozen prata skin. Even though it is not the real McCoy, I was quite satisfied with how it turned out :D You can have it with your regular breakfast coffee or tea, but it certainly goes very well with a cup of hot soya bean milk (豆漿 aka 豆花水).

While I was writing up this post, I was surprised to learn that there are several other possible variations of this 蛋饼. Besides egg, you can also roll it up with ham, cheese or even pork floss.

I can't for the weekend to arrive!!

  • In a non-stick frying pan, lightly grease the pan and pan fry one frozen prata skin (do not thaw) on medium heat till golden brown. Remove and set aside. 
  • Heat up a little bit of oil in the pan and pour in a lightly beaten egg (add some spring onions and a pinch of salt). Immediately place the cooked prata over the egg (before the egg mixture starts to set).
  • When the egg is set, flip the prata over so that the egg-side is facing up. Turn off the heat. With a spatula, roll up the prata, flatten the prata with the spatual as you roll. This will make a slightly flatten roll. For a "scroll-like' roll, roll it up with a pair of chopsticks.
  • Cut into bite size (or serve as a roll) and serve immediately.
Note: Pan fry this prata and egg combination one serving at a time. Do not pan fry several pratas in one go and let them sit waiting as they may turn soggy.


Quinn said...

Prata....Mmmm and with eggs. I remember you did a sausage version before this. Now egg...what's next?

Kitchen Corner said...

Very good morning to you! Breakfast is quite important for me to start a day too! I like breakfast and try to make it different everyday. Your new creation is something really special. Thanks for sharing it, now I've something special for my next breakfast. Cheers!

Blessed Homemaker said...

I like to add eggs to the frozen roti pratas (sometimes I use flatbread) but I skipped the dishing out prata and cook egg separately. I just simply crack an egg onto the prata and cook them together, roll it up with ham/cheese/tuna mayo. Pork floss is a great idea, will do that next time :)

Allie said...

I love the Taiwanese style pancakes too! Especially those with egg and pork floss. Super yummy! Yours look absolutely delicious and quick to make. I shall try it with frozen prata too, great idea!

Irene's Footprints said...

A good idea with prata...simple and yet nice : )

Our Precious said...

I'm running out of ideas for our family weekend breakfast menu too. thanks for sharing!

Khadija El Mary (Mamatkamal) said...

This looks amazing! Great recipe for breakfast.

Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow.. this is indeed a very simple and yet delicious looking breakfast/tea snacks. Em... I have a packed of frozen prata in my freezer..... k k .. i shall try to make this for breakfast tmr.. thanks for the great idea :p

Pei-Lin said...

These must taste real good!! Can't wait to see more similar experiments from you! Btw, have you tried making 蔥油餅?

Oh, boy!! I can't wait for the weekend either!!


Rita said...

This is interesting. Looks delicious!

sherlyn said...

looks so yummy .. I am too lazy to dish out before frying the egg, so like Blessed Homemaker, I cracked the egg on top, I even took the trouble to cut a few slits hoping that the egg will sip in and turn it into egg prata, but I never succeed. So this time I shall try roll it up.

Blessed Homemaker said...

I tried the slits, didn't work for me too :P

Dima said...

That is one gorgeous egg roll.

Anonymous said...

Hi. My dear husband came across your blog when we were looking for a milk loaf recipe. Found yours and it looked so easy so we tried it....boy, did it come out great it was devoured in minutes. 2 days later, got a request from my mother for another one...but this time she asked for two loaves. My son walked In the house smelling the fresh baked breas baking in the oven...he was so excited to have more. So thank you for sharing your recipes.

ana said...

I'll definitely try this!Thanks!