Friday, 3 July 2009

My Frustration - Finally Over!

I couldn't remember when, but I think it was more than a month ago that I started getting this error message whenever I click the "View Blog" tab on my blogger page: "Internet Explorer cannot display the blog address/link...and it will abort the operation". I had to click the 'Back' buttons a few times to get around with it. It was really frustrating! I thought it was due to our broadband service, and the problem will go off, soon, naturally. But it didn't!

Well, I got up this morning feeling that I shouldn't be tolerating this glitch any longer and started doing a search. I was so happy to be able to find the root cause of it and the problem was solved in a matter of a click!

If you are facing the same problem, let me tell you, it is all the fault of the 'GOGGLE FRIEND CONNECT" or aka 'FOLLOWERS' gadget displayed at my sidebar. Simply remove the gadget and the glitch is gone. I guess Blogger is working on it, and hopefully they could come up with a solution soon as I find that it is actually a neat and cool gadget.


Bakeling said...

Your frustration is over and mine still there !

My blogger space is limited 1GB and it can't be uploaded anumore photos . I have to use flickr to upload my photos(size is odd)

I deleted some of the photos from the picasa web album and the photos in the blog followed disappeared !

I haven't have time to reload back the photos yet! So ,some of the post photos are appeared with an "X" (blank )! Alas !

Small Small Baker said...

I face this problem too when surfing my own blog and some other blogs. I thought it was because around that time I also upgraded to internet explorer 8 and installed a new modem. So frustrating that I even hate to visit my own blog. Luckily you tell me the problem. :)

Cuisine Paradise said...

Em.. this about it. I also encounter this on and off on certain blogs as well as my own blog. But i don't have that "FOLLOWER" link that you mention leh. So i am still wondering what is the root :(

Rebecca Saw said...

ohhh..i was wondering what's baking technique ya frustrated abt! hehe..

Kitchen Corner said...

Wah! Luckily you find the solution otherwise I can't see your posting anymore. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Start using Firefox rather than Internet Explorer, and you'll encounter far less problems in the future. Internet Explorer is a pain, and it's far less secure.

MH said...

Yah, use Mozilla Firefox. My hubby says is faster!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Bakeling, I will face the same problem as yours soon. There are so many duplicate photos in my picasa web album ;(

Hi Ellena, you can try using FireFox instead.

Hi thenomadGourmand, sorry for the ambiguous heading ;)

Hi Anonymous, yes, I tested with Firefox. But not everyone uses Firefox, otherwise my readers who are using IE will not be able to access my blog.

Hi MH, yah same thing here. btw, I can only access your blog using Firefox.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Happy Homebaker,

Now, I know that I am not alone. I'm also facing the same problem.
Firstly,I can't upload any photos on my posting page.
Next, Internet Explorer taking a long... time to load my web page or I can't login my web page.
And, I even can't go to most of blogger blogs.
Thanks for your information. I am going to remove the 'FOLLOWERS' gadget. Hope thing will go back to normal.

Anonymous said...

Even if you use firefox your IE readers would be able to access your blog, the web browser you use does not affect your blog.

Also I am able to view MH's blog in both IE and firefox.

In any case, I love your blog and I look forward to future posts about your treats, unhassled by such technical difficulties!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, thanks for the assurance :)