Friday, 2 December 2011

let it snow...

2 December 2011…


0 deg C

First snow...

in Beijing...

This is our third winter in this city…

but it was only this morning…

we saw the first snow…falling…

down, from the Beijing sky…



and more snow...

My boys had a great time, playing in the snow…
I had a great time, watching them playing in the snow…
We are looking forward to the next snow…

Oh please,

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


  1. Just to let you know: there is some problem with the pictures! I can't see them (whatever browser I use). Enjoy the snow - should be so strange for you and the boys...

  2. those are lovely, looks like a perfect setting for a white christmas.

  3. hi martina, thanks for letting me know, I have got the images fixed. We had a great time!
    Warmest greetings from Beijing :)

  4. where do you live in Beijing? I live in Beijing too. Maybe we can meet somewhere...?(depending on our schedules...:-))

    Happy winter!


  5. I, on the other hand, hopes that London will not experience snow. Everything grinds to a halt with the first snow flake and it will derail our traveling plans. Happy holidays, HHB !

  6. Extremely nice pictures, esp that of a green leafy plant. That looks like a snowflake shape. :)

  7. Cool Very Cool Snows !! Christmas !!

  8. i'm glad you are enjoying the snow, and I'm already missing the old london winter here:-(..anyhow, hope you dont mind me mentioning your good gestures in my recent blog post, as I am truly touched with how much you have helped me in settling down here, and knowing all the lil tricks of where to get my baking deals! the bosch oven works wonders too:-)

    for your perusal:

  9. No snow in London yet! These are very cool (pun intended!) pictures - really delicate composition. Enjoy the snow!

  10. Hi! Sorry for this abrupt enquiry!

    May I know what electric mixer are you currently using? I'm looking for one. My budget is around 40-70 SGD. Saw some panasonic and philips one. But not really sure about them.

    I have been using a very good one - KitchenAid at my friend's place. Now wanna get one for myself but can't afford for such a good one. I don't mind either stand or hand mixer. Stand would be good though. Hope to receive your reply soon! Thank you so much!

  11. Hi HHB! I'm glad to see you and your boys are having a fantastic time in Beijing, experiencing a truly white Christmas! Here's wishing you stay warm and have a safe trip this festive season!

  12. Hi! Just stumbled on ur blog n m v impressed by ur range of baked treats. I cook n bake every other day s a way of destressing! It's so therapeutic n a lot bat wat u say bout playing n experimenting is smtg close to my heart too. Most of wat I bake I bring to feed my colleagues n my students!! Tks for sharing ur recipes: m picking up many tips too. I dun have a blog but only Facebk where I post all my photos of wat I cook. That's y I smiled when I read ur biography on ur food pictures. I m still learning n only hope one day I will accomplish wat u have! Cheers, MamaSoon

  13. Jehanne, thanks for your comment. I didn't do anything, just providing some info doesn't take me much time or any effort. I am glad to hear that you have settled down :)

    Yvonne, I am using a very old hand me down handheld electric mixer which was bought in the early 80s! I don't own any other standing mixer. I am afraid I am not able to give any recommendation on this.

    Thanks Laureen! and may you have a wonderful time too :):)

    Hi MamaSoon, I am just one of the many food bloggers out there...mine is just a humble blog, I hope you won't get bored too soon with all the easy and simple bakes I posted here ;) I don't have a facebook account, so I do hope to hear from you if you happen to drop by :)

  14. Hi! MamaSoon here! Tks for writing back. Of cos I wun get bored wif ur blog- how to? Was just wowing over ur 'humble' strawberry shortcake! N I agree with others tt u r too modest! Really! My decoration also up n down type. U really put in much effort n yes I can feel the love in ur food. As mothers, nothing beats cooking with TLC! haha tts y my students call me MamaSoon! Haha
    Just want to share tt I tend to sub healthier versions to my cake so I have been , quite successfully, using canola spread instead of butter. No one I asked tried it bef so I went ahead. It's been 2 yrs since I experimented! Well, no buttery fragrance of cos but it's healthier. Frens r surprised wen I tell them it's not
    butter. Usually with flavours like lemon orange coffee choc, u can't tell the diff.
    M gonna try ur sponge layered cakes soon! Thank u for being so generous! Keep in touch! Take care. MamaSoon

  15. Hi MamaSoon, thanks for your nice comments :)
    I have never tried replacing butter with canola spread, didn't know it will work as fine! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!