Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Is it B, B or A?

When I started planning for my home renovation, looking for a suitable built-in oven was one of the very first item I researched on. It has been 3 months since, but, I have yet to make the final decision (^^')

It was only after reading through comments and reviews from various online forums, I learned that there are many features and functions available in built-in ovens. Terms such as pyrolysis cleaning, catalytic self cleaning, tangential ventilation got me really confused. Pardon my ignorance...for the past few years, I have been using this simple, small (20 litres) table-top oven with only a set of heating elements at the top; whereas even the most basic built-in ovens have got top, bottom heating elements with a fan. To make things more puzzling...different brands use different terminology when it comes to naming the numerous cooking functions available..eg. Traditional Pulsed, 3D hot air, Multi-cooking sounds different but they actually refers to the same function. I had to study and compare the various catalogs in order to fully understand the differences.

After going through all the information I have gathered, I decided that I will only need a very basic oven. I do not need one that comes with self-cleaning functions, since I do not do that much of roasting. Furthermore, most ovens that come with pyrolysis self cleaning (heating the oven to 500degC for 1 ~ 2 hrs to 'burn' the stains on the walls to ashes, so no cleaning is needed, you just need to wipe away the ashes) would require a loading of 15 or 16 Amp (our current flat can only take up to 13Amp). Even if a separate socket is installed, the air condition and oven is not to be operating at the same time, to prevent tripping of the electric power. I do not need an oven from a higher end...eg one that comes with 10 cooking functions as I doubt I will use all the functions. So the very good ovens from brands such as Miele and De Dietrich will never get into my list. Since I am not a professional cook or baker, I would probably not be able to do justice to using such good ovens. Even if I have the budget, I would rather spend the money on a holiday trip ;)

Besides the price, the main selection criteria when it comes to choosing an oven for my 'new' kitchen will be the oven door! The oven door has to be sturdy and will close tightly. The oven should come with tangential ventilation, ie, when the oven reaches a certain temperature it will blow out hot air to cool down the oven. I am also looking at ovens that have got triple or at least double layers of glass doors.

After visiting showrooms to look at the physical products, I have finally narrowed down to 3 choices...they are the basic range from Bosch, Brandt and Ariston. They are all within the same price range, offering similar functions. In fact, they are so similar that I am not able to make up my mind which one I should get?!

So, will it be this B...

Bosch HBN331E2J
* Capacity: 52 litres
* 5 Cooking functions:
  - Conventional top and bottom heat
  - 3D hot air (top, bottom and heating element
    around fan)
  - Bottom heat only
  - Hot air grilling (grill and fan operate alternately)
  - Full width variable grill
* EasyClean enamel coating
* Electronic clock with timer
* Double layer glass door (removable for cleaning)
* Oven accessories: 1 universal pan, 1 split grill tray
* Energy efficiency class: A
* Country: German Brand
* Retail price: $749

or this B?

Brandt FE811XS1
* Capacity: 52 litres
* 6 Cooking functions:
  - Traditional Pulsed (top, bottom heat and fan)
  - Traditional (top and bottom heat)
  - Fan Assisted Grill (top heat and fan operate
  - Grill (top heat)
  - Pulsed Oven Shelf (bottom with light grill and fan)
  - Special Poultry (top with some heat from bottom)
* Activemail interior (anti-stain, anti-corrosion,
temperature resistant enamel)
* Timer function
* Double layer glass door (not removable)
* Oven accessories: 2 safety grid racks, 1 large drip tray
* Energy efficiency class: A
* Country: Made in France
* Retail price: $899

and what about this A?

Ariston FZ 61.1 IX
* Capacity: 58 litres
* 6 Cooking functions:
  - Traditional (top and bottom heating)
  - Multi-Cooking (top, bottom, circular and fan)
  - Barbecue (top only)
  - Gratin (top and fan)
  - Pizza (bottom, circular and fan)
  - Baking (rear heating and fan)
* Inox clean stain resistant surface
* Timer function (w/o auto cut off)
* Triple layer glass door (removable for cleaning)
* Oven accessories: 1 dripping tray, 1 grid
* Energy efficiency class: A
* Country: Made in Italy
* Retail price: $709

Decision, decision, decision...

Which one will you choose?


Kitchen Corner said...

WOW! You've put lots of effort choosing an oven! I hardly vote which is the best as I didn't try the other two before except Ariston. I wish you all the best and happy hunting for a good one! Cheers!

Cuen said...


I went to Harvey Norman before. And did a comparison between Bosch & Brandt. I was advise by the sales rep that Brandt is better and Bosch's pricing is a little price for its value. Brandt is suppose to be more durable and trustrworthy. I heard from a friend that De Dietrich and Brandt are from the same company.

Not too sure about Ariston, but should be a reliable brand and it is cheaper too. The functions are more and bigger capacity. :)

Personally, I vote for Brandt. :)

j3ss kitch3n said...

i choose bosch their reviews are great!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

I just bought a Teka oven, but i did not do any product comparison, just follow to a blogger suggestion. Look at the price, I should get one from SG instead, the price here is more expensive !

Airen-chan said...

Since you like baking and cooking so much, why not buy a combi oven. The oven that can bake and also steam your food. If the cost difference is not very much. I advise you to think about it.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Airen-chan, thanks for your suggestion :) But I won't be getting a combi as I am a lousy cook, I doubt I will be able to make full use of it. I only know how to steam fish ;p

Passionate About Baking said...

I vote for Ariston because I found that the capacity is higher. :p That was one of the more important factor since the functions and features of the 2Bs and Ariston are almost the same.

NEL, the batter baker said...

I'm a perfectionist and like to be very precise, so the Bosch does it for me cos of the digital display. Plus it has all the functions you need, and the double layer glass is great for cleaning. I also like the handle bar - useful for taking advantage of the heat to dry damp towels. Let us know which one you pick, ok?

sherlyn said...

Wao, your explaination already made me see stars, so did the specs. I simply thought that it would do if the oven has internal light (mine don't), has top and bottom heat and no hot spots. Now I love to bake chicken, so as long as can bake chicken and cake and bread and cookies, will do lah. Also easy cleaning. haha, doesnt help u much ya?

Blessed Homemaker said...

My gf swear by Ariston. I've not own any built-in so no comments from me. Good luck in your search.

Samuel Chan said...

I follow your blog and with regards to your latest post on the choice of ovens... I am a Food Technologist Baker and if you require any advice on which oven is suitable for you, please do not hesitate to email or contact me directly. It is my pleasure to help budding bakers.

Bakertan said...


I know why you are torn between the three ovens. they are indeed very similar. Since that is the case, I will choose the one that has the longest (or better, eg 1 to 1 exchange) warranty as I would expect a built in oven to last much longer than a table top oven.

Melissa said...

HHB, Love your blog. I honestly don't really know the 3 brands u're talking about except the Bosch. If it was me I personally would buy a convectional microwave oven so you can have a microwave and oven. When I was living in Malaysia my mom only had a convectional microwave oven and honestly I love it and I miss it. When I ever change my appliance here I think I would love to get another convectional oven.

Anonymous said...

Mine is the Ariston one! Have had it for over three years, and it's working fantastic. Simple to use and does the job beautifully :)

Happy Homebaker said...

Jane, I almost wanted to get Ariston when I saw from its website that it is going on sale at $569...but I was too late, the promotion is over :(

NEL, I like the digital clock too! Thanks for the tip on drying damp cloth on the handle, I have never thought of that!

Sherlyn, most built in oven comes with a light, that's why I didnt put it as a criteria. As long as the oven comes with a fan, there shouldn't be hot spots.

Thanks Samuel! Will check with you if I still have not made any decision by next week :)

Bakertan, yes I am looking for a durable oven. Thanks for the tip, will take that into considerations.

Melissa, thanks for your kind suggestions :) I find it really convenient to have a microwave and a oven in a kitchen having experience it when I stayed in service apartments. However, my better half is against the idea of using microwave on a long term basis :(

dotz, thanks for sharing! Looks like Ariston is a good brand too. I would have gotten it if the promotion (selling at $569) is still on!

Quinn said...

Brandt has my vote. There is something very mesmerising about large glass oven doors so I could see how it is cooking. And Brandt has the largest glass pane and in terms of aesthetic, totally is a winner!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am using Ariston and it has been great so far. The criteria when I was choosing was that it must have the digital temp adjustment for recipes that call for baking temp at odd degrees like 175. I wanted to follow recipes exactly so it was impt to me. After 1 yr of usage, I find that the so call additional functions are not as impt. Therefore, as long as the basic functions are similar, it does not matter which brand it is. Mayer have promos very very often. Just wait for the next PH or I believe that there will be new promo soon as Christmas is getting near. Alternatively, you can ask the SA to match the price of the promo if you have only missed it by a few days. Looking forward to your bakes soon :)


Margaret said...

I vote for Ariston. Most of my ex-teachers used this.

Baking Fiend said...

I've been using the same basic oven for 10 over years. One gripe I always had was that it did not have top GRILLING, which will be so useful for kueh lapis. Just my 2 cents worth. :)

All 3 ovens u shortlisted look good, so i understand your dilemma. Good luck with your choice!

Agnes CF Lee said...

I chose Brandt. Just find it is better and is made in France, imported one though slightly more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Hi HHB, i currently own a Ariston FZ 61.1 IX for 2yrs. although I havent been really using it much because my baking skills still sucks so I cant really comment much. I guess it is so far quite good as i used it to bake chicken pie frm ur receipe and its good :)

temp is quite accurate. althou i agree its diff to gauge the odd degrees. i just put a thermometer inside to ensure accuracy.

gosh i never knew my oven door can be removed?? hee.. maybe when i am free i will go figure it out cuz it doesnt seem really easy..

one thing about the timer, i read online you should not force the dial to 0 after you are done with baking. because after some time it will become spoilt.

yah i think brandt does have a bigger glass door for viewing ur bake.

elpi said...

brandt has my vote. .I think it's cool and easy to clean. It's worth it:)

busygran said...

I have been a faithful follower of Ariston. Been using this brand for more than 25 years. This is my third ariston oven because I buy a new one when I moved house and didn't carry the old one along. So far I've no complains regarding it.

CaThY said...


I am using Ariston oven (exactly like the one you post)for 1 year now. I bought it during a sales. It is easy to use & maintain *^_^*

Passionate About Baking said...

Aiyo, it's such a shame you missed the offer! However, I think it might be a blessing in disguise. I'm sure something better will be coming your way! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mayer's promo is still on. :) you can check it out

Anonymous said...

I own a German Teka brand oven. Serves me well. If I were u, amongst the 3 ovens, (since they are so similar) go for one that gives a good discount(if any)!!! I'm very sure Mayer hvg sale again...that is if u can wait :)

sherlyn said...

ok, noted, but I will never get a chance to have a built in oven....

Beau Lotus 涟 said...

Wouldn't go for Ariston because of the smaller window and the fact that it's Italian. Would personally go for either of the Bs.

mother hen said...

i remembered going through the same tough decision as you. I chose the borsch simply bcos its the cheapest of the lot. I don't bake alot but i like it. I heard that the maintenance service is bad and slow should the ariston oven breaks down. But then again, i heard the ariston oven performance is good. My friend bought it, and fell in love with it. I can't really comment on brandt tho. If you happen to choose brandt or borsch, remember to buy it from a local shop in your neighbourhood, much cheaper than getting it from the big shops like harvey norman etc.

Anonymous said...

Hello HHB,

I switched from a baby belling oven to Ariston 3 months ago. I got the one with an additional rotisserie mode. Yes, I agree with you, the other functions like multi-cooking, fast cooking etc are not really necessary. I must say the fan mode is useful esp for cookies. So far, i love my Ariston, and appreciate the amount of space for baking as compared to my table top baby belling.

I got mine from Mayer during their promotion. You might want to check it out there? Plaza sing has one.

All the best and have fun;)

Anonymous said...

Just a quite note- I bought my Bosche oven through one of the smaller neighbourhood retailers (instead of the very large ones) it save me about 200 dollars off the normal retail price- there's no difference really.. they both get the oven delivered from the same supplier and since you're doing your whole kitchen. You should be able to get your contracter to install... (I can provide the contact if you give me your e-mail address...?)

In this way, your money can go a bit further and maybe you can get a model higher (if you want) :)


Happy Homebaker said...

Quinn, the 3 males in my family voted for Brandt too...they liked the big glass panel ;)

Thanks Jane! I also realised that the temperature control knobs are not that precise for most basic ovens.

Tracy, thanks for the info. I went to check out Mayers at Plaza Singapura, but was told the promo is over for this oven model, and the next promo will likely be next year.

busygran, Cathy, thanks for sharing :) I am quite torn between Ariston and Bosch now!

Sherlyn, never say never...I have never thot that I will have a built in oven too :)

mother hen, yes yes, I will be getting most of my appliances from neighbourhood shops...including my stove.

cupcake, I am sure it is a great 'upgrade'...I have been using a 20L oven...I think my 18cm cake pan will look very tiny in a 50L oven ;p

Ching, thank you for your info! I am planning to get my appliances from my regular neighbourhood shop...Goh Ah Bee (is this the shop that you got yours?), they provide free delivery, and no deposit needed, just need to give them a call to place order, delivery is always on time too. They are selling Bosch and Brandt oven a hundred dollars cheaper. Will see whether I can get further discount since I will be ordering washing machine, fridge and stove from them too.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Bosch is my vote. Maybe bcos I get it use it once at my friend's place and I find it has a even temperature and the loaf came out perfect. I bet you are still torn b/w the choices, but I think it's alright, bcos these 3 are pretty similar and you can't really go wrong with either one. Good luck!

Alina Hew said...

Hi HHB, I'm a chef & an ambassador for Bosch home appliances in KL. I have an Ariston & another good oven at home. i teach using Bosch ovens.
I find that the 3D hot air function that Bosch have is fantastic. You can have 2 trays of cookies baked in one time without having to change trays in the middle of the baking. Wherelse in the Ariston oven, with fan assisted, you still need to change the trays for an even heat distribution. Another point to consider is the after sales service from the distributor in spore. It's good to know that your appliances will be well taken care after the warranty period.
Tough choices but whichever oven you decide will be good as these 3 are good ovens!

Mr and Mrs. Bee said...

I also looking around for oven as my house coming early nxt year.I shortlisted Brandt FE811XS1 as it have the basic function i like + comes with optional catalyst cleaning panels (about $150) if you need it in the future.
Perhaps you can come the price by looking around and go to Harvey Norman to see if they can match the same price. As Harvey Norman comes with extend warranty and best to extend warranty since repair is exp. Brandt comes with only 1 year warranty.

Anonymous said...

Can you share with me what's the simple oven u have been using? Am looking for a simple oven since I'm a novice and just started getting interested to try baking bread and cakes. But wonder whether those simple ovens ( < $200) produce good results? Saw severin and kenwood, both sellig at $178 in Tangs, but can't decide on which one. Any opinion would be good. Thanks! So that I don't end up regretting the buy.

Happy Homebaker said...

Bee Bee, I may have to toss a coin to decide ;)

Alina, thanks for your advice! I did read about the not too good reviews of Ariston after sales service. Thanks for the info on the 3D hot air function. This is certainly something I am looking for!

Mr and Mrs Bee, I am not so keen about the catalyst cleaning panels. The reason is, I want something fuss-free...I don't want to be bothered with changing the panels every couple of years. Furthermore, the panels are only for the two sides of the wall, the bottom, and the rear will inevitably get stained over time :(

Hi Anonymous, my table top oven is a Tefal. I bought it in 2006 at around $250. The temp knob broke off within a few months, but I could still turn the control without the knob. The heating coil is located on top. There is no fan but there is a light bulb. My oven is on the 'cool' side, and even though I preheat to the right temp, once I put in the cake, the temp will drop by 20degC. The oven is so small, it can't even fit in a 9 hole muffin pan, and you can only bake cookies one tray at a time. There are hot spots in the oven, so I always have the turn the tray/pan around to ensure even browning.

Even though it is not a good oven, it has been serving me really well. All the bakes posted in my blog came out from this oven ;)

I think the most important thing to look out for when selecting a small oven is whether the door is sturdy and make sure it close tightly. Do get an oven thermometer, it is a must.

Joy said...

Did u check if the Ariston has auto timer off? I just bought FZ990IX during a recent promo because my auntie told me FZ61.1iX does not have auto timer off.

Since you like to bake bread, FZ990IX comes with leavening function for proofing bread, fyi :)

bakerwannabe said...

I just want to remind you to check the widths of the oven as some trays are rather long and can't fit. From the pictures, I can't gauge. Using a tabletop myself, I do have that problem. Being to bake 2 trays is also very useful when you need to bake bigger batches as I sometimes do for my kid's class outings. Hope what I say is useful for you.

Aimei said...

Happy HomeBaker, I have to thank you for posting this because I am also researching for an oven for my house next year. I have not done such a detailed research like you but I am considering Ariston or Brandt. I heard many reviews frm Ariston users that it has been good so far but Brandt seems to be equally reputable. I like that Ariston has a larger capacity. In fact I'm considering the even larger of the Ariston.

All the best to us. :)

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

HHB, I may be prejudiced but I don't like Ariston. I changed my Ariston after 2 years because it was heating unevenly. I went totally out of control and bought a De Dietrich and have been happy since. I would think Brandt or Bosch are good. My friend had good review about the Bosch. My experience tells me for things like these go for the best you can afford. Don't stinge because when you regret, it is not easy to get rid of them.

Happy Homebaker said...

Joy, thanks for the info! Yes, it doesn't come with auto cut-off, actually I don't really like the auto cut-off function. I have seen the specs for FZ990IX, but I won't use it as I prefer to proof my dough under room temperature...to save energy ;)

bakerwannabe, my baking trays which are quite small, but I will certainly need to get bigger trays to fit the oven, thanks so much for the reminder :)

Shirley, thanks for sharing your experience with Ariston. De DDietrich is certainly a good brand. I bet any of these three ovens are way better than my table top oven, besides uneven heating, the temperature is almost 'uncontrollable' ;) After looking at the various brands of built-in ovens, I am starting to wonder how I could bake anything with it? But, I will still be keeping my oven...as it is still working well for me.

Anonymous said...


I read you blog for a while and really love it. First, i enjoy following your baking method as i also din invest a lot in baking item. And i like the fact that u r rather detai even in selection of item like the oven this round, for lazy person like me i can juz follow when i select my build in oven next time. Thanks for sharing.

ice pandora said...

I'm not an oven expert but I would go for Bosch o: they make good quality devices! And it's cheaper than 'Brandt'
But I do like the design of Ariston, altho I never heard of this brand before. And it's the cheapest of the 3 + 6 cooking functions.
Good luck with picking!

Teatime Treats said...

Pls let us know how reliable the oven is, after you use it.

wendyywy said...

I was torn between a Teka and a Bosch. Well, not exactly was, but still am.
It's really cheap in Singapore, even when it's converted to RM. The Bosch u selected is sold at RM3.8k here. It's super duper expensive. Full digital versions for Bosch are almost 7k here.
Can't wait to hear reviews from you regarding the oven.

Cynthia said...

I had never owned a build-in oven until I bought Bosch but I am not very satisfied with its performance. Initially, I had a lot of bad experience using it as despite the additional baking time was added, the bottom of the cake was always not cooked. I called the technician to repair but he claimed that this oven took time to heat up. Instead of 15 mins preheat time, it had to take 30 mins. One more thing, I always have to use bottom tray else, the cake will not be cooked at the bottom. The 3D fan is also giving me another headache, each time I turn on, it always causes the cake over burnt. I'm not sure whether my problem with Bosch oven only confines to my oven or generally, Bosch oven has such performance issue. Just for your reference.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi wendyywy, I didn't shortlist Teka as I couldn't find much reviews on it, probably it is relatively new as compared to the other brands.

cynthia, thanks for sharing your experience with Bosch. To preheat for 30mins is way too long. Too bad, my oven has already been delivered. Hopefully mine works well.

Anonymous said...

May I know which oven thermometer did u buy? From where and price? Just bought a countertop oven. Thanks for replying!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Anonymous, I got my oven thermometer from Phoon Huat. I cant remember the exact price, it should be around $15.

Anonymous said...

What brand of yeast do you use for baking bread. I wonder what other yeast that I can try and whether it can yield better tasting bread.

I usually buy Saf-Instant Dry Baker's Yeast from Fairprice. But I usually can't finish the whole sachet at one go since the most I use is 2 tsp for 2 loaves of bread and got to throw the rest away as the yeast seems to be stay fresh at most 4days after opening. It's written on the box that the yeast must be used within 48h once the sachet is opened.
Now, I am thinking of baking no knead bread, and such bread requires even less yeast.

I always wonder how long those yeast sold in bigger packaging will stay fresh after opening cos nothing is stated on their packaging as to the freshness period.

Hope to see your sharing on the yeast to use. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog while searching for review on oven. You have done a very detailed comparision and the information is useful for me. I have some questions here. May I know what "Full width variable grill" of Bosch's oven and "Baking (rear heating and fan)" of Ariston means ? I hope to get one that come with the function of top heat without fan which I think is suitable for baking kueh lapis.

Tks for sharing,

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Anonymous, I use the brand Bake King that comes in a plastic container. After opening, I will store the whole container in the freezer compartment (the yeast will not freeze, it will still be in granulated form). The yeast will stay fresh for at least 3 months.

Hi JL, from Bosch's online catalog, "Full width variable grill" refers to: "Enables you to grill large portion with precise temperature control. For added efficiency grilling is performed with oven door closed".
As for Ariston "Baking (rear heating and fan)" refers to "The rear heating element and the fan come on, guaranteeing the distribution of heat delicately and uniformly throughout the oven." Ariston has the "Gratin (top and fan)" function, but I am not sure whether it is good for baking kueh lapis?

Aimei said...

Hi HHB! Happy New Year! Guess you are busy with your kids since sch just opens yday. :)

Just wanna get some feedback on your Bosh oven. How is it so far? :) No hurry, if you are free then reply me. :)

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Aimei, my renovation has been delayed. I will only move back this weekend, and I will probably have time to turn on the oven earliest end of next week ;)

Aimei said...

aright! just in time for new year baking! :)

Anonymous said...

Mayer's warehouse sale is from 18-20 Feb 11. Just bought the above Ariston BI Oven Display set for $529 +$30 delivery. KitchenAid mixer is going for $659 - usual $889.

Can said...

Hi, HHB, may I know whether Bosch's oven come with top heat ? I asked this. Ecause need to bake kueh lapis. Thank.


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Can, it comes with a grill function where the heat is from the top, but I do not know whether it is suitable for baking kueh lapis?

Can said...

Hi, thank. By the way, any feedback on yr current Bosch oven? I am considering between Brandt n Bosch. May I know where u get yr oven n price? Thank.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Can, you can take a look at the review I left on the comment page under my blog posts: http://happyhomebaking.blogspot.com/2011/04/lunch-for-two.html




Anonymous said...

Tks for the info. I am looking for an oven too.I like baby belling but not avbl here. u are so kind to share with us . Hope u get the perfect oven

Jennifer said...

Hi , Parisilk sells baby belling ovens .

Anonymous said...

i just saw the promotion on Ariston FZ 61.1 IX
--> $699 (retain price $799) good buy ? compare with bosch model you brought ? (price $599-$650)


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, it depends on your preference...I will still choose Bosch as I find the digital timer very useful!

Anonymous said...

Hi, HHB.
Thanks for great info rdgs the oven! Mmmmuuuuaaaccckkk!
Hehe, I m looking for stand mixer which can do both bread dough n cake. Wondering which mixer is good.
Bosch? Kenwood? Or any model to recommend?:p
Pai seh..,

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, I do not own a standing mixer, I am using a very old no brand handheld electric whisk. I am afraid I am of not much help.

Anonymous said...

May i know finally what brand of the 3 shortlist above you had bought? i'm seeing for the Ariston FZ61.1IX now, with promo price at Mayer is S$699 (off S$100). Appreciate if you can let me know your choice.... Regards,Zoeann

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Zoeann, I bought the bosch oven from neighbourhood electrical shop, it is cheaper, I paid less than $700.

The Sometimes Anti-zeitgeist said...

Hi HHB, it's my turn to choose an oven! Could you tell us whether the Bosch has performed to your expectations?

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, the Bosch oven I bought is the basic model since I do only simple bakes it is serving me well. The oven temperature is quite stable and I could get both trays of cookies/pizza evenly browned. It doesnt come with self cleaning function, there were oil stains after roasting a chicken. luckily the colour of the side walls are black, the stains are not so visible. but I have since learned to lined my roasting pan with foil to minimise the splatting ;)

jq said...

Where cn I buy these ovens?

Happy Homebaker said...

jq, u can get them from major electrical stores, or even those hdb electrical shops.

Sharon said...

Hi happy homebaker! Great post :) I'm also considering which built in conventional oven to get. May I know what made u choose the Bosch in the end? And how accurate is the digital timer? My mom recommends an Ariston while I've read good reviews on the Brandt 811.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Sharon, I was deciding on Bosch and Ariston, but decided to go for Bosch as I could get it at a cheaper price at HDB neighbourhood electrical shop. The digital timer is very accurate and I find it very useful.

Sharon said...

Thanks for your reply. I'm very much a novice in the kitchen. Thinking to get a built in oven to cook simple dishes like baked rice, pasta, pizzas, grill chicken wings and bake the occasional cookies or muffins. Either one of the 3 models listed here will be sufficient to meet my needs I suppose?

Happy Homebaker said...

Sharon, my Bosch oven is the most basic model just like the other two brands, I suppose they will be able to meet your needs...but it is still best to check the higher range as well in case you may need some of the functions for your future needs?

Anonymous said...

hi,home baker. Its really very informative reading your blog! I understand you bought from a neighborhood shop. May i ask did you buy extended warranty from this shop? Thanks for advise. ^_^

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, I didn't buy extended warranty, I doubt the shop offers it, just the usual 1 year warranty. My oven is coming to two years, so far so good :)

Baking Scientist said...

Hi HHB, just wanted to drop a note to thank you for sharing this information. I found the info very useful when I was hunting for a new oven to replace my old old. Just a question, do u cover the chicken when u baked it in your oven? How do u clean your oven after each baking session? My old oven was stained with all the oil splatter from the chicken :p

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Baking Scientist, I don't cover the chicken and after the very first time I roasted a chicken, there were oil splatter all over and the stain couldn't be removed :'(
After roasting, I will use sponge and dish detergent to clean the oven but some of the stain still can't be removed though. But l got over the 'new oven syndrome' quickly, and it helps that the stains are not really visible unless I shine a touch on it ;)

Baking Scientist said...

Thanks for replying HHB :) I had to ask cos I want minimal cleaning :p I read that you can spray distilled vinegar and baking soda, leave them on for 30mins, then wipe. Seems to be able to remove tough stains, but have yet to try :p

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Baking Scientist, thanks for the tips! Will give it a try :)

Joveal Ho said...

Hi Happy Homebaker, which Bosch model u r using now?

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Joveal, I am using Bosch HBN331E2J.

Anonymous said...

Hi Happy Homebaker,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I was running through the posts. I am looking to replace my 1.5 year old electrolux oven. So now I am looking at the Ariston and Brandt. Looks like the their prices have deviated alot over the past 2 years. Brandt basic oven is going for $1050 according to Goh Ah Bee. Whilst the Ariston is going for 599$ with the latest promotion. After having terrible experience with electrolux uneven heating issue, I really value even heat distribution on traditional bake mode (with top and bottom heat only).

Anonymous said...

Good Day HHB

I am thinking of installing a built-in oven soon. Kindly advise me which model did you finally settle. Which model would you recommend to me?

I am totally lost when built-in oven is concern. Where do I engage contractor to do up the box?

Priscilla Poh

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Priscilla, I bought the Bosch HBN331E2J. I am not able to recommend which oven as it really depends on individual usage, preference and budget. I choose this model as it is the cheapest and the most basic range of built in oven. I don't need a higher range as I am no professional baker. My oven doesn't come with self cleaning function which I am ok with it. The oven walls was badly stained after I used it first time to roast chicken. Luckily the stains are barely visible unless you shine a touch light on the oven walls ;)

You may want to visit harvey norman @ millennia walk (several models on display) or major electrical stores to check out the various models.

I got my renovation contractor to do up the kitchen cabinet for the oven when I did my home renovation, before that I was using a small tabletop oven. You will probably need to re-do one part of your kitchen cabinets so as to fit in the oven. I am sorry I am not able to advise on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Thank you HHB for your kind response. I hope you will not mind to share why have you opted for a built-in rather than a portable oven (portable such as Rowenta which got very functional features too).

I bought a Rowenta OC7868 last year only. But I love a built-in cos' I am seriously into baking recently.

I was advised by Harvey Norman sales staff that some opted for built-in because the oven which is placed inside a wooden cabinet contains heat better and higher heat, thus producing better bakes as no heat was lost. Wonder is this true.

How was your experience now with your built-in? Did your food turn out good? I am also quite torn as to whether should I settle for another portable one or built-in type.

Priscilla Poh

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Priscilla,
My previous tefal tabletop oven was very small, only 20 litres, can only fit in a small baking tray, and the temperature was not stable, once the door was opened, the oven temp may drop as much as 20 to 30 degC and took forever to go back to the original temp. I couldn't get a bigger tabletop oven like Rowenta, as I kept my oven inside my cupboard, only took out when I needed to use it (I do not like to clutter my kitchen counter). So built in oven was the best option for me especially since I was doing the renovation.

I am not sure about containing the heat within the kitchen cabinet. The main differences comparing the tefal table top and this Bosch oven, are:
- it is much bigger (52ltr compared to 20ltr);
- I can bake two trays at a time;
- I can select, top and bottom heat, top and bottom heat with fan, top heat only, bottom heat only. These functions are very good as they cater to different types of bakes, eg cakes, cookies, pizza, grill/roasting.
- The other function that I really like is the digital timer, very very handy.

There's some hot spots for this bosch oven, but not so bad as compared to my tefal oven...at least I don't have to turn my trays/pans mid way during baking. The oven temperature will not drop so much if I were to open it. The only downside is, the oven walls are coated with enamel, whereas my tefal came with self cleaning walls, no stains and no cleaning required.

I am not sure about the quality of my bakes...I don't find much difference as my tefal oven also gave me almost same results. However, for my case, I think it is nothing to do with the type ovens I use, rather it is because I am lacking in cooking or baking skills especially I only bake very simple cakes.

I can only advise that if you prefer a built in oven, there's space for it (must also take into consideration the power point/socket for this oven, may need to do some electrical rewiring); and you are prepared to spend time and energy to do up part of your kitchen cabinets, then go for it!

Jassy said...

Thanks for your sharing, really helpful information. I am renovating my flat and I want to get a basic build-in oven as I'm not a professional baker. I have also shortlisted the Bosch HBN331E2J oven. My concern is uneven cooking, especially since you have mentioned that there are some hot spots. Does it really affect the baking? Such as more burnt on one side and not so cooked on the other side. Thank you :)

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Jassy, the hot spots won't affect the doneness of the bakes, not to the extent of burnt one side and uncooked the other. If I bake a tray of cookies using the drip tray (the enameled tray that comes with the oven) as a baking tray , i noticed that cookies on the inner left and right corners of the tray tend to brown faster and has a darker shade than those at the front (near the oven door). Not much an issue if I were to use the Fan mode (ie top and bottom heat plus fan). No issue also if I use my smaller baking tray which is much smaller than the drip tray. Otherwise just turn the tray around closer to baking time and the browning will be even for all cookies. For baking one cake using just a baking pan, the browning is always even, I dont have to turn the cake around during baking (as shown by the pictures of the bakes I posted here). It is a basic an economical oven to me as I am no professional baker as well. Do use an oven thermometer especially if you bake more delicate bakes like chiffon and sponge cakes. btw, there is no self cleaning function, the oven walls will get stains if you use it for roasting chicken. Some stains cannot be removed, but it is not noticeable unless you shine a torch on it ;) But if you are particular, maybe you want to go for higher end models with self cleaning functions...

Jassy said...

Many thanks for the sharing! It's reassuring to know that the hot spot does not affect to much. This oven is sufficient for my use. I'll be getting this. :)

Unknown said...

Which electrolux oven did u use? Im planning to get EOB2400AOX.

Unknown said...

Hello! Ur blog is really useful especially now when im in search of an oven. U mentioned that the oven is 52litres? I thought its 67litre from bosch website? And u also mentioned that u can select top heat only, does it mean this oven can be used to bake kek lapis. But i dont see any top heat only function on the oven. Do ur cookies come out crunchy? The one i bake in my old oven comes out chewy and soft all the time no matter how long u put it in. Im no expert baker but love to bake cos i love sweet treats!!! And one more thing, does ur oven door open and drop loosely down? Cos i went to courts, harvey norman, they drop down loosely, but the one selling at unilite and lioncity was more solid. The oven door stays whichever angle u put it on hold. And the inside oven door looks slightly different but its the same model. Pls give me ur advise and reviews.thank u so much!!!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, I am not sure about the actual capacity...but the dimension of the oven (internal) is about: width: 18", ht: 13" and depth: 17". Hope this helps u to gauge the size you are looking for. Actually the 'top heat' I am referring to is "Grilling". I have not baked kueh lapis so I am not able to comment on this. As for the cookies, I would think it depends on the recipe and not so much on the oven. It depends on the ingredients amount and composition, baking time and baking temperature. Hope you are able to find a suitable recipe that yields crisp and crunchy cookies :)

My oven door can stay open at max 45 deg angle...beyond that, the door's weight will cause it to drop down...it could be due to the frequent use that the door hinges become loose...

For any oven, it is best to get an oven thermometer to make sure the oven is preheated to the correct temperature. Hope this helps.

ChefDreams said...

Hello HHB, it's v interesting to read thru a few years of Q&A on ovens. I'm buying a tabletop oven because I'm not a great cook. Have been using a Turbo Broiler for roasting chicken for > 10 years. So I thought a safe progression would be a small tabletop such as Rowenta OC7891. I've read rave reviews about it. If I buy from Courts, there is a chef who allows buyers to bake their own recipes with him as consultant, indefinitely. It's S$789.
Can you and any of you home or professional cooks please give me your opinion on the oven and whether Courts' chef service is worth this price? Probably Goh Ah Bee or Kong Tai may be cheaper but I haven't ask them.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, I am not able to comment whether the chef service is worth it...it really depends on whether will you be using the service regularly.

I can't comment on rowenta oven as my previous oven was a 20litre tefal tabletop. for tabletop ovens, you may want to check whether the oven door can be closed tightly, whether the oven is fan-assisted (better heat circulation, but it also means may need to bake at lower temp than the recommended temp in recipes), whether it comes with adjustable top and bottom heat, and if it comes with self cleaning walls (won't get stains). Hope this helps and happy baking with your new oven :)

Anonymous said...

Great post for choosing an oven. I am new to baking, can you please tell me for baking cake n breads do we need to on both i.e. top n bottom rod should be heated or not? I tried with both rods, but my cake top was always crust. When I tried with bottom rod, top part is not that nice golden coloured. My oven is Tayomi OTG n my baking is always eggless.
After I goggled for baking mode, am really get confused some are saying for baking only bottom rod should be heated n some says both. As you have a good experience please give me your opinion. Thanks in advance.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, you may want to use an oven thermometer to make sure your oven has been preheated to the right temperature before you put in your cake. I usually use top and bottom heat for cakes, bread, and I place the baking pan or tray at the middle rack to ensure both top and bottom of the cake receive even heating.

If you are using only the top heating, you may cover the top of your cake with foil if it starts to brown too quickly to avoid the crusty top or place the pan at the lower rack...

if you are using only the bottom heat, you may want to place the pan at a higher rack, or, switch to top heating closer to the baking time to ensure the top of the cake is evenly browned.

Every oven works different, you will need to play around with the temperature setting and adjust the baking time accordingly, I am sure you will know how your oven works in no time.

hope this helps.

Anonymous said...


My De Dietrich broke down on me again! I had it for 5 years and it has been giving problems after problem. I chose De Dietrich as my last one last me some 15 years. I guess they don't make things to last anymore.
We have a few incidents of the rubber dropping of, and during the 2nd year, we have to replace the digital panel which cost as much as a table top oven.

Not to mention the after sale services is non existence.

I am so glad I saw your blog and will now look at the 3 choices you mention here.

Linda D

Anonymous said...


Like to ask how is ur BOSCH Oven faring now? Noted on your previous comment about door max holding @ 45deg n will drop if further.

Like to know if 3D aAn function is indeed good? Can your lower tray still be evenly browned?

How is the temp, still stable? Any issues in baking cakes?

My current Owen's temp is not stable n lower tray won't be browned evenly...even norm baking needs to rotate tray and cakes not evenly cook gave me a lot heartache : (

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, my Bosch oven is still working well. Yes the door will drop if opened more than 45deg angle. It's never been an issue for me as I don't need to hold the door wider than that.

I can't comment whether 3D is good as compared to other ovens. I usually use top and bottom heat for most baking. I will only use 3D if I need to bake on 2 trays. The lower tray will usually take a few more minutes to brown as the top heat is being covered by the top tray. So after I took out the top tray, I will shift the lower tray to the upper rack and let it bake for a few more minutes. I don't have to rotate tray or cake pans even if I use just top and bottom heat. The temperature is still stable.

I can understand your frustrations as I used to have the same problem with my previous tabletop oven. I didn't mind having to rotate the trays or cake pans to ensure even browning, my only issue was with the unstable temperature. Hope you can find a way to get around the problems you faced with your oven.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I jus had the same oven installed, can wait to use it after my sink is ready.

Like to ask do we have to heat up the oven 1 time first before we go for actual baking?

Happy Homebaker said...

Yes I did. You can refer to the manual.

Unknown said...

I also use Bosch oven just dun know why butter cake can't make it? I try to do the skewer test it's okay but when I turned out the bottom is still wet & unbaked, not sure what went wrong? I baked in the centre rack for 1 hr 20-30 mins top & bottom heat! For the chiffon, sponge & Swiss roll u also bake in the middle rack?
Christina Poh

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Christina, did you use an oven thermometer? Did you preheat the oven to the required temp before putting the pan inside the oven? What was the temp you use to bake the butter cake? What's the size of the cake pan?
I usually use top and bottom heat and bake in the middle rack. For chiffon I use lowest rack due to the height of the tube pan. For a 7 or 8" cake, the usual temp is 180degC for 35-45mins. I suspect your oven temp was too low.

Unknown said...

Hi HHB, thanks for yr reply. I never use an oven thermometer, where should I place my oven thermometer if I want to use? As was told Bosch oven is hotter so I reduce the temp by 10degC so I baked at 150degC at 1hr 20-30 mins using top & bottom heat! Pi hv tried a few butter cakes recipe all failed & once I baked my sponge cake the the middle rack it crack another time it shrink so much after cooling not sure what happen!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Christina, you can place the oven thermometer on the rack on hang it at the side rack. Hope your problems could be solved after you have used a thermometer to check that the oven is preheated to the required temp.

Unknown said...

Hi HHB thanks for the advice will try it out & let u know thanks!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Christina, I look forward to hearing good news from you :) You may want to test first with simple bakes such as muffins and cookies to get a feel of how your oven works. Cheers!