Wednesday, 15 September 2010

10 min breakfast

It is a fact that homemade bread doesn't keep well, it ages at a pretty fast rate. I will be lucky if the bread I made would stay soft for two days. In order to keep homemade bread fresh, I usually store them in an airtight container...almost right away when it feels cool to the touch. Homemade bread dries up quickly so it is best not to leave them out in the open for too long. For any left over bread that I need to keep for another day, I will even wrap it up with cling wrap before storing in the container.

Yet, there are times when the bread I made didn't turn out soft even on the day it was baked. So besides following the same storing method as above, I will usually toast the bread just before serving. This will make the bread taste so much better. If I were in a hurry, the quickest method is to place a slice of bread over my cup of hot coffee. The steam from the coffee will provide moisture and soften the bread right away.

If we have the luxury of a late breakfast, I would even make a 'grilled' sandwich.

This banana nutella sandwich is made with my two day old banana bread. It is something very quick and easy to prepare, everything can be done in less than 10mins. The most important thing is, it tastes really delicious. Besides nutella, I have also tried it with peanut butter, which is equally good. I 'grilled' the sandwich in my non-stick frying pan, there is no need to add oil or butter. Simply heat up the pan, and grill it. The only thing to note is, the toast browns within seconds, so do check the underside and keep a close watch. Flip the sandwich over with a spatula once it starts to brown. Press it down a little with the back of the spatula, and within the next few seconds, you are ready to serve it.

Do let me know if you have any tips on keeping homemade bread fresh :)

Grilled Banana Nutella Sandwiches

(serves 2)

4 slices of sandwich bread
1 large banana, sliced
some nutella spread (or peanut butter)

Spread nutella on one side of each slice of bread. Arrange sliced bananas on one slice of bread and then cover it with another slice. Repeat for the second sandwich. Heat up a non-stick frying pan, place sandwich in the pan and grill it over low heat. Cook for a few seconds, and flip it over with a spatula. Press the sandwich with the back of the spatula and remove it from pan once the bread turns golden brown. Repeat the same for the second sandwich. Cut into half and serve warm.

Recipe source: inspired by 雅米老师的3Step早餐


Bakericious said...

HHB I love toasted bread too, I am drooling!

tabehodai said...


I've been following your blog for a while. I like your posts and recipes as we seem to like the same food.

I thought I'll share a tip on how to keep your bread fresh.

I usually freeze my bread once they've cooled down on the day of baking.

I'll wrap buns individually in cling wrap. With loaves, I'll slice them up and portion them out before wrapping. Then I put consumable portions into ziploc bags and into the freezer.

Before eating, I'll take out the number of buns/sliced bread that I need and pop them into the microwave oven for 30secs.

Other than eating the bread fresh on the day of baking, I find that this is the best way to retain the freshness of the bread for up to 2 weeks.

Have a go at it.

Joceline said...

This recipe very nice & healthy.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

this is super quick and sound delicious toast.

Angel @ Cook.Bake.Love said...

Nutella and banana is perfect match!

I agree with tabehodai, the best way to store home-made bread is to frezz them.

I did the samething as what tabehodai mentioned, do it as soon as the bread has cool down 90% (if centre is sitll abit warm that's fine). I don't microwave it, just thaw in room temp in advance the bread will also return to the orginal softness. Sometimes, I pop it into oven for a quie bake.

However, I don't do that everytime coz I find it a bit troublesome. If the recipe I used yield soft bread that can last for 2 -3 days in room temp then I won't freeze the bread.

Kitchen Corner said...

Nutella and banana, never goes wrong hur!! That's absolutely a great combo! I like it!

peiszong said...

Yes, same like tabehodai, I freeze the bread. Because I am a working mother, I bake bread during weekend to last us for the week. I'll slice the bread, wrap up using plastic wrapper in portion that I required and put everything in an air-tight container before kept in the fridge. Every night before I sleep, I will take one portion out (without removing the wrapper) and put it on the kitchen counter inside an air-tight container. The bread will be soft like you just bake on the next day.

ann low said...

I must try to use Nutella spread next time, looks good :)

martina said...

for me it's the same as tabehodai. I put sliced loaves in the freezer (in a big bag) and than I take out a slice at once (or two!) and warm it up in the toaster or at room temperature for 30 minutes (the time depends on the outside temperature, here is always cool). That's the best way to enjoy perfect fresh bread every day if don't eat an entire loaf in a day by yourself. I love that you enjoy nutella (in Italy a big hit with children and adult, too) but did you know Europe wants to label it like dangerous food? It's because the high quantity of calories and fats. Ludicrous. If only they could understand moderation!!!!
Enjoy your breakfast....responsibly :)

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing your recipes and tips. Everytime when I need some ideas I will turn to your blog, very inspirational! The results are great too. Sabbymum

Cosy Bake said...


I do the same as the freezing method to keep my loaves fresh. And i think so far this is the best and only way to do it. I even freeze the bread I bought back from Sun Moulin!! haha... so I can enjoy their good bread without going to town so often. he heh.. lazy me!!

Toasted bread is most people's choice. My son would eat none stop if I happen to make kaya toast.

Min said...

I like this kind of breakfast, simple and healthy. Sometimes I did the same thing like you, place a slice of bread over a cup of hot coffee, haha, the easiest way to get a soft bread :)

Anonymous said...

NICEEE : D i lovve bananas! i just bought a bunch of bananas could try making a sandwich like yours!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

HHB, have you tried peanut butter with sliced bananas? It's my kids favorite! I tried nutella before but peanut butter combo still proves tummies for us. Give it a try! But your nicely toasted bread sure looks inviting! :)

Aimei said...

Haa I never bother to store bread in airtight container... think i should practice going this. Whenever bread goes a little hard, i would toast it and still enjoy it alots while for fresh bread (either homemade or bread), I would eat it without toasting when it's still soft. :)

Unknown said...

I know many nutella lovers, looks tasty

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Tabehodai, thanks so much for sharing your tip of freezing the bread. I have read about it, but wasn't sure whether how it would turn out. Looks like this is what most people do to keep their bread fresh.

Cook.Bake.Love, you know, I grew up being brain-washed that frozen food is no good for health. So I hardly freeze food, or buy many frozen food. However, I am now more receptive to frozen food, will give this method a try.

Peiszong, thanks for sharing your tip, that's a good one, because I do not have a microwave :)

martina, we love nutella! It makes a plain slice of bread so tasty! Yes, eat with moderation is the key!

Honey boy, thanks for your tip!

Bee Bee, yes I have tried it with peanut butter, equally tasty :)

ReeseKitchen said...

Wa, so nutricious breakfast you have here. Nice!

Anonymous said...

I love that breakfast of urs as I like to eat bananas so much.. nice=)

Waniliowa Chmurka said...

Best wishes,
Olcik from Poland;)

Anonymous said...

You are right about fresh bread becoming dry quickly. I am not a bread baker but I love buying warm just baked bread from the bakery. Although I love bread i always end up with a lot left over and I either toast it the next day or freeze it pre sliced so that when I want to eat it, i can just take it out from the freezer and toast it.

Nutella and banana sounds delicious, I think both my dog and my husband would love that....

kyyc said...

Freeze them immediately. Thaw them overnight and they will be as soft as before. Else, steaming them will be nice too...

Happy Homebaker said...

nutpi, thanks for your tips!

kyyc, I have not tried steaming bread, I am sure steam will soften the bread a lot, thanks for sharing your tips :)

Bowie said...

Hi,HHB. Love your postings!

I make wholemeal bread with my bread machine. I usually freeze my bread on the 3rd day if any leftover, then toast them straight from freezer when going to eat them.

Recently I discovered that adding RAW WHEATGERM to the recipe makes the bread softer, even on the 3rd day! I replace 1/4 cup of bread flour with Raw Wheatgerm (for 1 lb. loaf). You might wanna try; hope this helps ^_^

Happy Homebaker said...

Thank for the tip! I have several recipes that uses raw wheatgerm, but I have yet to try it, didn't know that it will make bread softer. Thanks for sharing :)

Dance of the Autumn Leaves said...

This looks delicious!! I nearly started drooling when I thought of something so rich and delicious in all the flavors I love! If we ever have banana bread laying around the house after I make it, I know exactly where it's going. Sounds like something my Dad would love as well :) thanks again for the great recipe!