Thursday, 29 July 2010

When the going gets tough...

have a break, have a kick kat!

No, don't worry, this is not some advertorial ;)

My husband bought this box of kit kat at the Narita Airport on his way home two days ago. He was back home for a mere 21 hours before he was off to another part of the world. He had planned to stay till the weekend, but was called to go to another place when he was still slogging away in Yokohama. I told him we were like 牛郎织女 a Chinese folk story about a couple who could only meet once a year on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month ;)

Even though he was home for less than 24hrs, I was glad that at least he managed to have a good rest. He had been working till 1am every night at the overseas office for the past whole week. It doesn't help that it was scotching hot over there and he came home looking so 'red' and heaty! I had to drown him with herbal tea to cool him off. For once, he finds our local weather here, lovely!

When I told some of my friends that he is taking up a long term assignment, I could detect the envy written across their faces. To most people, they equate overseas postings with a nice, fat pay package. Well, this is certainly not true for his case. Everything remains the same and he would even have to suffer some form of pay cut due to the currency exchange rates and the employee benefits that he would get to enjoy back home. He is not even given a choice, it is a matter of take it or leave it (the job). The irony is, just three years ago, he had made a decision to leave his former employer of seven years just so as to avoid being relocated to Down Under, and to cut down on the frequent travellings. He was promised a 'desk-bound' job. But things didn't work out as planned. Eventually, he even lost his desk in the office as they have adopted a 'book-a-desk' kind of work arrangement! The current organisation lost the local contract last year, and the market here is so small for the industry he is in, they have to look beyond this little red 'a wider region within seven hours flight radius' from our island.

It is not easy to get a new job over night at our age. So, for the time being, we could only try to adapt to this work arrangement. He will be away longer this time, and won't even be home on the seventh day of the seventh month! He promised he will buy a ticket to come back for the mid autumn festival, I hope no one will stop him from doing so by then. I am blessed with two kids who are very understanding and easy to take care, and yet there are times when I wish he is around especially when small things seem to start to grow into a big issue.

Ok, enough of my ramblings, I have digressed!

One of my pals has always shown great concern about the size of my brain cells when I became a full time housewife. She worries that my brain cells will shrink over the years since a housewife's world would only revolved around the seven things in the kitchen...柴米油盐酱醋茶(fire wood for the stove, rice, oil, salt, sauce/soya sauce, vinegar and tea, in a traditional Chinese home). So, I do make it a point not to lose touch with the outside world by reading, blogging, surfing the net, so as not to become a frog in the well.

Here's one new thing that I would like to share with fellow SAHMs, since we are 'home-bound' and hardly gets to see the 'outside' world. (Pardon me if you don't belong to this category, or feel insulted by my words. I don't mean to imply that all SAHMs are isolated from the outside world. I hope you understand where I am coming from because I have received unpleasant remarks and comments for being a SAHM.)

Unless you understand the Japanese language, I don't think you will be able to guess what the flavour of these kit kats is. Green tea, you may guess, but no, they are wasabi flavoured kit kats! Correct me if I am wrong, I don't think this flavour is available here? I have had wasabi coated nuts but not wasabi chocolates. These kit kats taste like white chocolates to me, sweet, and there is only just a slight hint of wasabi. You can forget about getting the real kick from tasting the real wasabi. Those wasabi coated nuts fair better in providing the burning, searing sensation in your nasal.

I won't be too surprised if anyone tells me they had baked something with wasabi....wasabi cakes, cookies, muffins and buns?!

Have a great day, and am I too early to look forward to a great weekend ahead??


Suhaina said...

wow.. ur hubby is such a busy person??? to be true I do not like anything wasabi. I better not try it. But the chocolate looks very yummy. If its green tea I will gulp it.

Cosy Bake said...

I have some green tea kitkat at home, which is something very precious to us! According my cousin, it's only available at the Airport dutyfree shop! When I was searching for it, I almost grab the wrong one ( wasabi flavor), I was happily thinking "wow, stil have so many on the shelf!" as I was told only the particular dutyfree shop carries the Matcha Kitkat. So end the end I only manage to buy 10 packets of the green tea's. If your hubby is going again, you may like to ask him buy you some to try. I'm sure you will like it! :)

Yummy Bakes said...

Very nice wasabi green - very refreshing to see a different version of the normal kit kat.

fuat gencal said...

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Happy Homebaker said...

Honey Boy, I read that you can get the match flavoured ones here. Refer this site:

Angel @ Cook.Bake.Love said...

Thanks for sharing this unique taste of kitkat. At first glance I tot is matcha as I has some back from Tokyo. Ur husband is very sweet to get this for you.

I think the public (anyone) should not neglect the contribution of SAHM but I know they are many people around still have the conception that SAHM = tai tai.

Pei-Lin said...



唉!我明白妳的苦衷。Long-distance relationships的確實不容易的。。。我周邊已經有人有過這麼樣的經歷。只要觀察一下,很容易就可以大略體會到。(其實我沒有談過戀愛的。應該也沒資格發表我本人的意見吧。。。。哈哈!)說真的,妳和妳先生的故事挺像牛郎織女般的。。。好感人啊。。。我多希望若有一天我真的嫁得出,我的老公是一個很愛家的好男人。妳知道hor,好男人在現在的社會是很難找的啊。。。



NEL, the batter baker said...

Wasabi kit kat sounds really odd to me. I just can't match choc and wasabi flavours.

Anyway, I think being a SAHM is the most difficult 'job' in the world. To be one, you need wisdom, patience, tolerance, innovativeness, creativity, superb time and project management skills, and most of all a big heart to give all that TLC. So, to those who pass unpleasant remarks to you about being a SAHM, ask them: Do you have what it takes to be a good SAHM?

Anonymous said...

Hi, hhb,
when i was reading your post,it certainly has struck a chord with me..after my hubby took up the new job, he had to travel more often for oversea assignments. I'm a working mum and more often than not i wish i can be a SAHM to be able to spend more time with my kids and my ailing mum, and do more bakings as well.I'm still counting and hoping one day i can be a SAHM...seriously.

Small Small Baker said...

Wow, wasabi flavoured kit kats! I was guessing green tea too.

Baking Fiend said...

Interesting flavour of KitKat.Hmm will ask friends heading to jpn to keep a lookout for this. :)

BTW, absence does make the heart fonder...

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love wasabi!! Can't quite imagine the taste of wasabi + chocolate, but would definitely love to try it someday! Must ask around my friends who is going to Japan soon! Heh heh

Unknown said...

I recognized the wasabi figure on box ;) whoa, can't find it here :((

busygran said...

I thought it was green tea too. Wasabi? What is it doing in a chocolate wafer? Wonder what it tastes like?
I commend all SAHMs! It is not easy to play that role well. Not everybody understands the frustrations SAHMs go through day in and day out! Even some husbands don't! To all SAHMs, I salute you and continue with the good job!

Unknown said...

Can understand how you feel when your husband hv to travel so often. When my FIL passed away, my husband hv to leave his biz to his subordinates and stay in China to help clear the mess together with my BIL. He was there for abt 2 years, luckily now he is back to Spore.

I am also a SAHM and I am proud of being SAHM ^_^

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hope your lou kong will eventually get to settle down in Singapore and need not travel so far. Is he working in ASIC (Chip design)? Just wondering. Actually I believe in the power of praying, regardless of religion, just pray hard and it will come to you eventually. :)
The other trip back to California, we got to transit Narita airport and I also bought 2 boxesx10 of Sakura and Green tea kitkats. I actually avoided the wasabi one, lol! Yeah, it taste like white chocolate with super mild taste of what it claims. I guess they try not to scare the kids away. :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Hahaha,"paiseh", I not even know what is SAHM, I searched the net for the meaning..Don't worry, I also SAHM, but i enjoy this way and have no regret. I understand your situation, my hubby also travelled a lot but not like your hubby. I'm sure your hubby appreciate very much of your effort of taking care your family and kids, keep up the good works! I never try a wasabi kit kat before, sound interesting.

Happy Homebaker said...

Cook.Bake.Love, I have friends who think that I can wake up late, go to the gym, have brunch, go shopping and have high tea everyday. Yes, I get to do all these...jogging in the neighbourhood, my brunch is whatever I could find in the kitchen, I do lots of grocery shopping and have high tea with my boys =)

Pei Lin, 小病是福!你還沒談過戀愛,那就趕快,不要每天對着面粉牛油雞蛋!我的老公的確是一個很愛家的好男人。我們16 going to 17 談戀愛至今,走過四份之一世紀,還在談戀愛。

NEL thanks for being so understanding :):)

Sem, I understand what you are going thru. I went thru the same difficult stage when I was working and taking care of two young children, all alone without any domestic help, I felt as thought I was a single parent then.

Apest, you won't miss anything! I think it is better to spread some wasabi on a kit kat then to have this ;p

busygran, you can hardly taste the wasabi leh.

neyeeloh, I am proud to be a SAHM too :)

Cosy Bake said...


Oh, the Matcha Kitkat I have is different from the one on the website you gave me. Yes, I have seen it at NTUC Finest too, it's with sakura flavor. I shall post mine on my blog then! :)

ReeseKitchen said...

Hey I just tried the greentea ones last few days from my friend. And I thought that was the latest flavour from Kit Kat. Just can't imagine how's this wasabi ones taste like, even you mentioned that tasted like white chocolate..;p

Pei-Lin said...



Nash Nordin said...

When I looked at the first picture, I thought it was mint flavored!

Anonymous said...

wasabi kit kat? if i take a bite of that, i'll faint straight away.. can't eat too spicy things =/ it's definitely something we can't buy here in msia..

Angie's Recipes said...

A chocolate with a mustard kick~ The other day I had some chilli flavoured I must look out for some of this wasabi flavoured one...which has a totally seductive colour.
Nothing wrong with SAHM...just ignore these ill-mannered folks and their comments. Turn the music on and enjoy it with some KickKat! :-)
p.s Poor PeiLin suffers from toothache, so tell her to bring some blondies over...:-) and have some chitchat.

thecoffeesnob said...


I can't imagine what it must be like for your husband to have to hop on a plane frequently for work and be away from you guys for such long stretches as well as what it's like for you and your kids to be bound here. Kudos to you guys for giving this arrangement a shot and taking such a positive attitude.

On a completely separate note, I've had these green tea flavoured kit kats. They were pretty good but my favourite has to be the strawberry ones- they taste exactly like tim tams!

thecoffeesnob said...

Whoops, I missed that line about them being wasabi flavoured! How intriguing!

Anonymous said...


I can fully understand how it feels when you r alone and hoping that your hubby can be around to share the burden of looking after the kids etc. my hubby does not have to travel (thank god!) and i am hoping he need not have to. however, when he is away and i am left with the 3 rascals, those r times i wish i have an extra pair of hands.
i am glad your kids r easy to look after, unlike mine who fight the minute they open their eyes, no kidding!
as for being a sahm, i really salute u. like what the others said, it is the toughest job in the world and seeing how good your kids r, i think you have done a great job!

quizzine said...

There a quite a no. of SAHM in this blogosphere and I always envy you all! Can enjoy life, have time with kids, do alot of bakings, no work stress, etc. I guess either working or staying at home got their pros and cons...mmmm.
I've tried this wasabi kitkat when i was at tokyo airport 2 months ago, and although i love wasabi, this combi just doesn't seem rite? There are more flavours like melon which is very good, and they have cheese flavour as well. Very interesting!

sherlyn said...

So, there are already so many “同病相憐”的 SAHM. Although I complain alot (esp in FB) but I do enjoy being SAHM, cos I do not like to fight in the corporate world. I am incompetent.

My dh just changed a new job. He also flies around most of the time, but really not as much as yours. And like you say, people think he earns alot, but actually he flies also no allowance, now even travel insurance also must pay on his own! During overseas assignment, he still needs to handle emails and jobs for local office as well, so often work till late in the hotel too. People like me (who only face the four walls, goes NTUC and the school etc) always envy he gets to travel, and will get scolded hahaha cos he will say he go there to work, not holiday.

He is flying this sunday AM to US, transit Japan. I better warn him not to buy me this wasabi flavour (cos I love green tea) just because the packaging is green. keke.

If only we stay next door, then we both have a 照應。

Reira said...


Aiya, accidentally refresh this page & there goes my long winded comment which I typed earlier.

Shall continue where I left off and maybe retype what I feel when I got the time again.

When I was preggie, I have a online friend who is already a SAHM, telling me that SAHM is not an easy job. We are a teacher, chef, housekeeper & a lot more which I cant think up of now. Being a chef has always been a challenging job for me! I am in no way good at cooking nor do I know how to cook! I've never really seen my mom cooking meals as she never allow us to enter her territory. I cant even cook stir fried bean sprout! My poor boy must be bored of porridge everyday and the occasional pasta dish!

zmm said...

This I must try.....
I'd only tried their green tea one..
Japanese are so creative with their kitkat making.. :P

minkmom said...

i think i need to drop a line to thank you. you have empowered me in lots of ways, more than u can imagine. i am also a sahm. not as energetic as u do, but u set me a good example. my hubby also travels. i have handful kids. yes, sometimes i feel like a frog in a well. i don't blog. i read papers/blogs/books occasionally if i have time, which is rare. so keep posting... am sure there's heaps of silent readers like me that get blessings from your blogs. God bless you kind soul, my friend... thanks a million :)

Happy Homebaker said...

Pei Lin, I cannot even afford to fall sick because even though I have 365 days of annual leave, I don't even have a single day of MC!!!

thecoffeesnob, he hates to travel. He keeps telling me that he wants to quit, but I had to tell him unless he can get a job offer elsewhere, if not he will regret it. I will go look for the green tea version since it is available here :)

Quizzine, you don't have to envy us. What you see on blogs are just the surface. No SAHMs will blog about the piles of laundry they will need to hang out, keep, fold, iron and put away. Day in and Day Out. They won't share with you the 'gym' exercises they do...scrubbing away in the bathroom. They won't tell you the frustrations they get when after the floor is 'squeakily' cleaned, your child just spill his cup of milo the minute you turn away. I held a full time job when my kids were younger, with no domestic help, and with my husband's frequent travellings. I understand what it is like to be a working mum and all along I knew how tough it is to be a SAHM. But I choose to do it as I don't want to short change my kids during their growing up years. I didn't do it just to get away from the work stress. I could easily pay a small fractions of my income to get a domestic helper to look after them but I choose not to. I do get irritated when people pass 'irresponsible remarks' before even bothering to understand or experience things themselves.

Sherlyn, you are not incompetent! You are just being 与世无争...let people win lor, never mind right? I am also like that! Yes, yes, I'll 'lau nrwa' (drool) whenever he tells me he is going this place and that place. My dh works 24/7.

Reira, after so many years of practice I am still no good at cooking! I could only cook simple meals!

Happy Homebaker said...

minkmom, thanks for breaking your silence :) It warms my heart to read your comment. Your words have given me the needed energy to keep this blog going. Just drop me a note when things get tough, I am no good with words, but I am a good listener.

Bee Bee, no, he is not in the IC design industry...he deals with telcos. I don't have a religion! So I don't pray. I just think on the brighter side of things, and look at things positively.

Sonia, actually I find the term Stay-at-home-Mum very weired! Even mothers who hold a full time job will also 'stay' at home right? The Chinese term is equally strange...全职妈妈...full timer mother?! Is there such thing as part time mothers? When you are a parent you are a parent 24/7 for your whole life. All mothers, whether working or not working, are doing everything for their children. I respect mothers who hold a full time job as I have been thru it, and I am also proud and happy to a SAHM.

Agnes CF Lee said...

There are so many varieties when come to Japanese dessets and biscuits, wasabi kit kat is new to me.

Anonymous said...

Dear hhb,

Ha! ya.. my friends, sis and mil are also afraid of my brains getting rusty staying at home!
Especially when we have to juggle a few jobs at home, being a mother, tutor, counsellor, cook, nurse, playmate,etc.. And sometimes they think we are "nuaing" at home..
Sometimes when people say I'm a housewife, I'll clarify I am not married to my house. haha..

Thanks so much for sharing your heart.. I do understand your frustrations when dh is not around cos my dh travels too.

The jap kick kat has a nice sweet pastel green colour that ll attract little kids;)

Have a blessed day, cupcake

Anonymous said...


I have been following your blog since long ago, and copied a lot of delicious bread and cake recipes from u. I tried to leave a comment but failed. Like to say thank you for sharing so many recipe on your blog. I am a stay home mom too, I find it challenging but well worth it taking care of my own boy.


quizzine said...

Opps, hope i did not irritate you with my comments :p In fact, i've been contemplating to be a SAHM to get away from my work place & stress, but knowing my lousy & lazy self, I know I would fail very badly as SAHM. Good job for all SAHMs who have contributed & sacrificed so much for their family ;-)

sherlyn said...

*sigh* you are so 客氣。On the good side, ya I really hate fighting. On the bad side, I really 不長進。I am in IT previously so I should really keep myself up to date but seriously, I just do my everyday job, so seeing my colleagues so hardworking, i really very paiseh, so i make an excuse with the pregnancy of #1 and stay at home be SAHM hahaha. I will not be able to go back to work, since IT mah, never update myself, and hor, really I m not good in IT one ... haha, I cant even do those picture editing stuff for blogs.

my dh also in IT, flying to US this sunday, for a week, then back for a week and then fly msia for another week .. now I think, I not only must often use your recipes for cakes, but also for meals since often only me and 2 kids eat. haha

Swee San said...

wasabi !!! jealous! I tried the sakura matcha ones and they're quite nice. I'm sure the wasabi will be a hit.

Reira said...


I cant even cook simple meals!!

Thank god I don't need to hang out piles of laundry nor iron clothes. After the clothes are dry in the dryer, sometimes I will just leave them in the dryer to cool down and leave it for my hubby in the morning to fold & keep away when he got back from work.

so glad that my friend introduce this invention to me before i move in to my own flat a few mths ago. It was so irritating when I hanged the clothes out to sun, it just started pouring when the clothes are almost dry!!!! Especially my son was a few mths old, imagine feeding him and it starts raining! i will have to un-latch him and run to the service yard to take all the bamboos in while hearing my son scream crying.

I feel that SAHM is always getting look down on by majority of the people in Singapore unless you are a SAHM or a FTWM without maid. Not many woman are willing to sacrify their work & education to be one.

Time to head back to clean my house to get ready for my son's 1st birthday party on sat evening.

Happy Homebaker said...

PK, I am glad now that you are able to leave a comment :) Hope to hear from you more often.

quizzine, nah, no worries. No one will ever 'fail' as a mother, whether you are holding or not holding a full time job.

Sherlyn, I used to cook 2 servings for the 3 of us to share. Nowadays, my elder one is growing, so I am slowly increasing to 3 servings! He can help me finish up whatever leftover food ;)

Swee San, you can forget about getting the wasabi kick, it is so mild!

Reira, I completely understands the part about rushing to get the almost dried clothes in when it rains! It's good that you got a dryer, especially with young babies around, when it rains for days, we will be flying their 'flags' everywhere in the house! plus extra ironing!
What to do, most people think SAHMs are not contributing to the society since we are not doing high valued added jobs which can be easily handed by a domestic helper. At least domestic helpers get paid and have off days. We are probably ranked lowest in the hierarchy.
Wow, is your son's 1st birthday today! Happy Birthday to your boy, and a Happy give-BIRTH-day to you!!!

Jenn said...

"SAHM”...first time I heard this word...yes, I'm one of "SAHM"...ha! My HB is away n work in Abu Dhabi for 2 years, we only meet up 3 months once. Life is not easy with a hubby away or travels lots. I totally agreed with you, when my 2nd baby is about one years old, I decided bring my 2 kids back to my hometown stay with my parents.
Yes, thanks Lord that we had all supportive hubbies to live with. Kids are all energetic nowadays, but as long as they are health to being active, I would find some place for them to let off their energy n get rest early.
I love your blog n sharing; keep up your good job n what our duty is to make our life happy living with our beloved family always.(btw, I also facing some bad comment likes you..Sleep late, shaking leg at home or shopping whole day la...bla bla bla)

Reira said...


Yeah, people who dont understand will think that we are not doing high valued added jobs. However, the fact is that being a SAHM is the best option available for her children as child tends to fall sick significantly lesser compare to those who goes to child care and also zero percent chance of getting abused by nanny/maid.

There are mommies out there who wish to be one but could not due to financial situation. I am glad that I am able to stay at home, spending time with my son and watching him grow. =) Now, he is a 1 year old healthy & happy baby. Initially I am tempted to go back to work too but recently saw the notice at the infant childcare near my house when I went there to take a look. The notice is about how many kids got hfmd and other sickness. After seeing that I changed my mind. Wouldnt want my son to end up falling sick and affect his health!

Thank you! actually his actual birthday is on the 4th of aug. now I am looking at your no-bake cakes as I plan to make one for his actual birthday. =) Dont think I am up for sponge cake. =(

Philomena said...

Hi HHB, yes there is a wasabi bun, in fact it is called a wasabi floss bun that is sold in Mugiya bakery in City Square Mall. They have another branch at Hougang Mall as I was told. My son & hubby says its nice though.

Oh yes, I love reading ur blog. Tks


Edith said...

HHB, I understand perfectly what you are going through. Though we are strong but it is nice to have other spouse besides us. Lucky for you, your boys are obedient. That solved a huge hurdle of being parents. For me, besides the phone calls, my blog is a way for him to reconnect to me and the kids when he is away.

What puzzled me is that people always envy us when we tell them that we are SAHM. Unfortunately they failed to see what our "job scope" are.

Despite the hard work, I still love my duty and I am blessed that I have that choice.

Some time I wonder why people are so judgemental. Do they think that they are above all? Do they think they are smarter than most? tsk tsk.... or perhaps they are simply just self centred and living in a world with just ME ME ME.

I can't disagree about SAHM's brain cells will shrink over the years as it did happened to me. Luckily I found a cyberfriend who encouraged me to turn to the cyberworld of Blogging.

From then on, it was a journey of no returns. There are times I feel that we are even more worldly than others. hahaha... because we are within the 4 walls of our home, we urge ourselves to read even more and explore further.

For me the blogging world really opens up my mind and world. I know far more things than my siblings who are working.

So let's encourage and support each other.

Take care.

Anonymous said...


Funny that you mentioned about the "seven things in the kitchen...柴米油盐酱醋茶(fire wood for the stove, rice, oil, salt, sauce/soya sauce, vinegar and tea, in a traditional Chinese home)"

It's just a coincidence that Lee Hom's new song is also called that. Do a search on YouTube for the video, it's really heart-warming.


Happy Homebaker said...

BR/Nich, thanks for telling me! What a coincidence indeed! The 3 guys in my family are fans of Lee Hom. I just watched his MV on youtube, it is really very heart-warming. The MV reminds me of the first part of the cartoon "Up!"!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Wasabi Kit Kats? We definitely do not have that flavor here!

It's tough when your husband is gone so much. My husband used to have to go for 6 weeks at a time. Particularly difficult with little kids at home. Wish I could invite you over for a cup of tea and slice of cake!

Tricia said...

I've been a SAHM ...for nearly 7 years. Sometimes people tell me I'm sooo lucky to be a SAHM bcos I don't have to work. My day starts at 6am (most days) and doesn't end till 12 midnight, with no break in between.

When my son was younger, I was told that I am soo lucky because during my son's nap times I get to relax. Relax?? What is that?? Because during his nap time, is when I 'catch up' with the rest of my house work.

With an active boy, I even gets 'visits' & 'chatting time' when I'm doing my 'business' in the loo. They seems to always want to talk during those times.

When he is sick, I don't get to sleep because I have to 'monitor' him so his fever (especially) don't jump up too high and cause his seizure.

Do I wish for anything different?? NO WAY!! I love every minute of it! I get to see him grow, experience everything with him. Get to do silly things without feeling embarrass because I have a little kid with me.

A proud SAHM.

Anonymous said...

hi hhb,

i found your page accidentally today and i am happy for that.
thanks for sharing ur lovely recipes here and i'll definitely will try it soon.

take care and keep on writing!


Blender Diet said...

Those wasabi flavored kitkats look good. And you were right. I initially thought they were green tea. :)

People have always assumed that being a SAHM is a breeze. Until they actually try it out...

Bakericious said...

HHB, your husband is so sweet to remember to bring something back for you every trip. I always admire SAHM, I really have to salute to them for "working" 24/7. Sometimes I do think of being SAHM to spend more times with my dd but always give up the idea cos I know myself, I cant handle chores so working is still much a breeze to me compare to SAHM. I do understand some pp ve the misconcept of SAHM, they shd go n read the articles on how much SAHM worth or shd b paid (that cost a bomb) and how many titles they are holding!

yenling said...

Just read ur post~ i felt so "touched" by ur sharings~ coz i am a full-time housewife myself at such a young age!~ n i get unpleasant comments fr d outside, saying abt my brain cells & stuff like "i am like a queen".. which is sooo not true!same lk u,im stuck in d kitchen but i love it ^^
Thanks for sharing~

Marilyn said...

I just ate a PUDDING flavored kitkat!! It was really good too :P

Blessed Homemaker said...

I can fully understand where you are coming from as I get such remarks from friends all the time. I've drafted a posting on this but still trying to organise my thoughts (it had been in my draft for months), will be posting it up soon, I hope.

You have all the SAHMs' support!

Happy Homebaker said...

Blessed Homemaker, I am looking forward to your blog post :)

mj said...

Hi hhb, i really enjoy reading your blog cos u write in such simple but heartfelt manner, not to mention your generosity in sharing your recipes and patience when responding to queries :) i m also a SAHM, and people invariably think that i m a tai tai, or they r mildly critical that i m not contributing to the economy! Those comments used to irk me but not anymore:) I get the feeling that u r well read and hv a blessed family, and even thou yr hubby is away alot, i sense that u r a loving couple:):) keep up the blogging!!

Happy Homebaker said...

hi mj, thanks for your encouraging words :) I am glad to hear that you are no longer bothered with those comments. Yes, let them say what they want, as long as we are doing the right thing for our families :)

katCL said...

Hi HHB. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, which many SAHMs like myself are able to relate to. We have been living overseas for the past 4 years, away from other family support with no maid and in a totally new foreign country. It was quite a challenge to bring up my then 4 and 9 yr old and learn how to move around by myself while DH is away at work the whole day. Anyway, long story short, we will always do our best for our family no matter how difficult it and before you know, the kids will be independent soon and we can afford to relax a bit more. During the difficult times, my mantra was 'This too shall pass..' and now I am happy to see my children capable of doing their own thing and their share of the hsework and lessening my burden quite a lot! Don't ever get discouraged, ya? Tomorrow will always be better! *hugs*

Happy Homebaker said...

hi katCL, thanks for your encouraging words! It must be very tough to take care of young children when you are far away from your family. I had some experience...just a short 3-4 months stay overseas when my child was just a toddler. You are a great mum, to be able to raise your children to be independent and helping out...I am sure you wont regret all the hard work you have gone through :)

emma's mummy said...

Hi, Happy home baker

Saw this post while I browsed your blog. I admire the courage that you posted the words and comments here. Hehe.....If it is me, I probably delete, delete, delete.

And all the while, I envy stay-at-home mummies, and think that they live much better life than me(a working mum).

As a foreigner here, I don't have friends as sahm. I feel guilty often for not being able to play with my girls patiently, not being able to coach them for long time, not being able to cook delicious food for them often. Now I know that sahms have equal struggle too, though I will continue have due share of guilt.

Thank your blog for letting me know the voices of sahm, and I am more peace with my situation.

Enjoy and brace the beautiful life!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi emma's mummy, glad to know that this post shed some light on sahms. You don't have to feel guilty, even as sahm, because of my kids busy schedule, I don't have the luxury to spend really quality time with them too :(