Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Happy Children's Day

It's Children's Day today.

Initially I had planned to make a chocolate cake for the kids. However, two days ago, I was so inspired by what I have seen here, that I went on to make an edible 3D chocolate 'card', studded with little gems of colourful candies for them.

I used a bar of Meiji milk chocolate as base, and bought little boxes of Meiji candies from a nearby convenient store. Since the site is written in Japanese, I could only figure out that the candies must be 'glued' on with some melted chocolate. I was too lazy to melt any chocolate as I knew the amount to be used would be very little. So, I made use of the chocolate dip that came with the can of Meiji Yan Yan biscuits. I would love to use all things Meiji ;') but I added in some sour gummy bears and honey star cereals which I have on hand.

I am totally hopeless when it comes to anything that requires creativity and a certain level of design element. My left brain always works better than my right, so I could only assemble the candies in a very 'structured' manner :( Nevertheless, I have saved a bar of chocolate and would get the kids to make one for me, I am sure they will come up with something much better :)

They certain had fun sharing the 'card' was an ultimate indulgence for the two of them.

I am sure you can make this for your love ones for any occasion, and it will be a great 'project' for the kids.

Just like the previous 3 years, we spent the morning at the Esplanade...the kids took part in the yearly drawing competition. The theme this year is "Dares to Dream"...and here are their master pieces:

To all the little ones out there, Happy Children's Day!


  1. Hello,
    Children's Day should be special for everyone because children are the future.

  2. That's awesome!!! Don't blame yourself for your structured way of make it, I think your kids love it anyway and it's gorgeous for me too! Only a question: how do you eat it? I mean like a chocolate bar, grabbing all the candy first or what? Happy children day to your lovely boys and to all my 5+1 (to deliver) nephews and nieces! Martina

  3. Hi HHB,

    I was there this morning too with the 2 kids.. this is the 1st time we go..& it's so clowded!

  4. Just to add:
    I think they have drawn quite well. Did you stay till prize giving? We did not.

  5. what a lovely idea! Any child would love that.

  6. Great picures :) and great chocolates :) wow

  7. Harshita, how true!

    Martina, the kids attacked the candies first, but they also tried breaking the bar into pieces and pop them into their mouth with the candies ;D

    Hi JY, it was rather crowded this year, maybe this time it was held on a public the past it was held on Sat mornings. I am sure your kids have fun. We didn't stay till prize giving either :)

  8. Love the colours of the chocolate card. And very nice drawings too. Happy children's day to your 2 boys! :)

    Btw, what software did u use to join the photos in your 2nd picture? Just curious, hehe...

  9. Hi SSB, I used Picasa to do that. The latest version, version 3 has got this new feature in its collage function. You can download it for free and it's very easy to use. Just goggle 'Picasa 3' and u will get to the site. Have fun :)

  10. The 3D chocolate card is so cute!..and the drawings of of your kids are very impressive surely you are very proud of them :)

  11. wow this is sooo cool! but my duo (father and son) will LOVE IT, though i must say it may be too sinful for me.
    your kids can draw very well and I think they are just like their mummy, very creative.
    oh and when i told my hubby, who is more into photography than I am, that u used a G3 and just point and shoot, he thought was quite unbelievable! he thoguht that u used some kind of lighting to get the effect and blah blah blah...I am so not into the technical stuff of photography.
    anyway, thanks for sharing and keep blogging!

  12. Ooh! These look lovely! Any kids will be tempted to it!

  13. This is the first time I see a 3-d chocolate card. I would to indulge in it! Just pick whatever I want ...hehe. I like your kids' drawings..very original. :)

  14. Thanks for sharing a great and creative idea for the kids. Its been ages since I heard the word "Children's Day" ... some 30 odd years! Better start getting used to it now as my little one is 1.5 yrs and in a blink of an eye, will be at school soon!

  15. Wao, a very pretty card and its edible too .. can't be any better. I can't believe you said that you are not the creative type and you are not good in decorating a cake .. I think you did a very good job in this. Now, this gives me an idea .. perhaps melt a few bars of chocolate and use it as a base to oreo cake instead of oreo biscults haha (or has this idea been used before?) .. hmm so sinful.

    I was there at esplanade too for the various free performances .. its my first time and I hope not the last .. so next year perhaps we have a gathering there ;-)

  16. didn't know there's children's day! very colorful cake you made HBB. and the drawings your boys made, precious!

  17. Hi HHB,
    Your kids are as creative as their Momsie! :)

  18. its so well done.and i must say from all ur previous posts your kids are really artistic

  19. Hi dear,

    Have you ever tried making Dumpling? Can you guide us how to do? Thank you


  20. Hi Wendy, no, I have not made dumplings, but I am sure there are bloggers out there who have shared their recipes :)