Saturday, 14 June 2008

Lake Tahoe (Part 1)

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were all packed and ready to leave for the airport...and very soon we are back to our comfortable I wish we could extend our holidays for another week!

After all the unpacking and cleaning up after a trip, I finally get to seat down to sort out the tonnes of photos we have taken during our two weeks trips to the San Francisco bay area in California. As promised in my last posting, I would love to share our travel photos and stories with you. However, I guess I have to do it in batches, as there are just too many photos to go thru! So for this first installment, I will share with you our trip to the beautiful Lake Tahoe.

We spent the entire morning, driving from the bay area to South Lake Tahoe city. It was worth the 4 hrs drive as it got more scenic as we approach our destination.

I enjoyed watching the never ending pine trees that lined along both sides of the road...while the boys were busy punching away the buttons on their electronic gaming devices at the back of the car!

We were pleasantly surprised when we saw the distant mountains were still covered with snow!

Once we checked-in to the motel, we wasted no time to get on to the nearest hiking trail at the Emerald Bay.

The trail though considered easy, was fairly steep, it's about 4km round-trip. At the bottom of the trail, near the beach, we saw the famous Vikingsholm Castle.

Well, the boys were not so interested in the building, but were more pre-occupied with the geese.

We then went on a short trail to the lower section of the Eagles Falls.

It was indeed a good hiking trail to start with...the boys enjoyed the walk and it was a great way to get them off their gameboy and psp! Walking back to the parking area was a little tedious for me and my younger boy, but he managed to get his daddy to piggy-back him for the last quarter-mile up to the trail head ;)


Kitchen Corner said...

You must have a wonderful holiday. I'm so happy for you. I like those pictures you have took. It's so beautiful. Can I save those pictures for my laptop screen server please?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Certainly a good break from the buzzing city! Look forward to the rest.

Yuri said...

Hi HHB, nice to see you back. Hope everyone family is recharged. Looking forward to more baking when you've settled down.

Btw, I baked several breads from 孟老师的100道面包 and planning to try several more in the coming weeks! Check this out

Baking Fiend said...

Welcome home!

Lovely pics... wish i can go for such a trip too. can't wait for yr next instalment for the trip.

Anonymous said...

Hello HHB:

Wow, beautiful photos!!!! I have never been to such beautiful secnery place before. Really breathaking and relaxing!!! Thanks for sharing . The castle is just wonderful, we will never get to see in asia countries. How is the inside? I guess u must be the adventurous type who dare to drive and go on own schedule travel instead of joining tour, right?

From : Karen

sherlyn said...

Welcome back .. its much easier to pack then unpack keke ... lovely pictures.

Small Small Baker said...

Whoo... nice photos. Can't wait to see more... :)

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Kitchen Corner, I am glad you like these photos! You may use it as you please :)

Hi Yuri, I read your blog while I was on vacation!

Hi Karen, we didnt go into the castle, as it was closed when we there. Yes, we were on a DIY trip, it's easier especially when we are travelling with kids...we can go on our own pace.

Hi Sherlyn, I am sure you not unfamiliar with the tonnes of washing and cleaning up to do after a vacation!