Saturday, 19 April 2008

If You Give An Oreo Cookie Monster...

an oreo cookie sandwich, he will probably ask for another two more...then he will probably ask for some ice cream to go with the oreos...and perhaps some chocolates too....

It was only a few days ago that I discovered the joy of taking images of a slice of ice cream cake. As the camera clicks away, the icy frosting on the outer layer started to disappear...and very soon, the ice cream began to give in to our hot and humid if urging me to dig in right away...telling me I should just dump that camera aside. and I did just that. I helped myself to one huge mouthful before I continued to give it another couple of clicks before I wiped up the entire slice...

that happened to be a slice from this birthday cake I made for my husband. Two weeks before his birthday, I asked him what kind of cake would he like this year. As usual, he asked for something that has got oreos in it. So the two of us sat in front of the computer and I typed in the key words "oreo cake" and clicked on the 'Search Everyone's Photos' on Flickr. I was pleasantly surprised to see the photo of a cake I made appeared on the screen. He took a hard look and it was apparent that he couldn't remember that was his birthday cake last year. Anyway, inspired by the beautiful images which started to appear on the screen one by one, he requested for an ice cream cake..and we left things as it is. I didn't think there would be anything more difficult than to head down to the store to get a pack of oreos and a tub of ice cream for his birthday ;)

Well, since he has walked with me for more than half of his lifetime, and to thank him for always being there by my side, I thought I really should put in some effort to grant his wish. After reading up on how to make an ice cream cake, I made up this Oreo Ice Cream Cake...which was choked to the brim with layers of oreo cookies.

The base was a layer of oreo crumbs, which I covered with a tub of Cookies & Cream ice cream. I even added some oreo chunks into the ice cream layer. Next came the chocolate ganache layer...and it was generously dusted with oreo crumbs before topping off with more oreo cookies! The only thing that had got nothing to do with oreos was the chocolate birthday 'card'. It was among one of the many goodies given to me generously by VB. Thank you VB!

It was a very good experience coming up with this cake since this is the first time I have ever made an ice cream cake. It was actually much simpler than I thought. I used a loose bottom pan for the cake...and since I do not have any appropriate plastic sheets to line the sides of the pan...I improvised by using long strips cut from a cookie bag. You need lots of patience when making this cake. It has to be well chilled before unmolding. I tried to unmold it when it was only in the freezer for I thought the surface looked well set...but the ice cream started dripping from the sides when I tried to release the pan. I quickly returned it to the freezer and tried it again 4hrs later...and it came off nicely!

The only downside of this cake: the oreo cookies that were used to decorate the top loose their crisp after they were in the freezer for so many hours. I read that one way to overcome this problem is to decorate the cake just 30mins before serving. Warm a palette knife by running it under hot water, dry it and swipe it over the chocolate layer a few times. Once the chocolate is soft enough...'stick' whatever cookies or fruits on top, and send it back to the freezer to set before serving. I'll try this method on my next ice cream cake :)

Oreo Ice Cream Cake
(makes one 18cm cake)

110g oreo cookies (finely crumbled)
40g butter, melted and cool
about 1 tub of ice cream (1.5 ltr)
1 cup Nestle pouring cream (or heavy cream)
150g dark chocolate, finely chopped

  1. Line the sides of a loose bottom pan with plastic sheets. Set aside.
  2. Place oreo crumbs and melted butter in a bowl. Mix thoroughly with a spoon until the crumbs are moistened. Press the crumbs evenly into the base of the prepared pan. Use the back of the spoon, smooth out the crumbs and press firmly. Freeze the base for at least 1 hour.
  3. Soften the ice cream at room temperature. When the ice cream is soft enough, place it in a mixing bowl. With a spoon or spatula, stir the ice cream until it is spreadable. Spoon the ice cream over the oreo base, ensure all gaps are filled. Depending on the depth of the pan, fill it with enough ice cream till it reaches about half to one inche before the rim. Cover with a cling wrap and freeze for at least 2 hours.
  4. When the ice cream layer is set, prepare the chocolate ganache. Place cream and finely chopped dark chocolates in a bowl over a pot of simmering water. Stir till the chocolate melts complete. Leave to cool off.
  5. This step has to be done as quickly as possible. Spread the chocolate ganache over the ice cream layer. Decorate as desired.
  6. Cover with cling wrap and freeze for at least another 6 hours before unmolding. When ready to unmold, dampen a kitchen towel with hot water and wrap it around the pan and hold it there for about 10seconds. Remove the towel and unmold. After unmolding the cake, return it back into the freezer to firm up before serving.


Baking Fiend said...

it looks PERFECT! i wan a slice too! :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Home baker,

i was thinking about ice-cream cake the other day and wondering how to go about it. And there you are! WOW! your cake looks absolutely yummy!will definitely try it sometime soon! i have to try out the strawberry cake 1st. Cheers!

Chrystal said...

Your ice cream cake looks amazing! I'm not blessed with a big freezer :-(.. thanks for sharing and making me drool anywayz :)

I've put a link to your website on my blog. Hope you don't mind :)

Greetings from Holland,

Simonne said...

hi hi, you've been tagged!

maybe strawberry said...

that looks so delicious and so professional! i'm sure your husband appreciated the cake! thanks for the instructions/recipe. i think i will have to try this! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Cool cake! Hubby's birthday is coming up soon, I'll give your cake a try. It's perfect for the summer heat! Thanks!:)

Anna said...

Yum! Looks (and tastes, I bet) amazing!

Bridget said...

My mouth is watering now!!! love your "if you give a...." title. We always loved those books.

Esther said...


Feel really touched by what you have said in your blog abt you putting effort in making this wonderful cake for your hubby. Marriage is an art. Just like baking a cake ~ need lots of patience & lots of love. Then the result will be good. I see that in your cake :)


p.s. FYI, I always bake my stuff following some of your fantastic recipes. ;P my recent bake was Chicken & Mushroom Baked Rice

Aimei said...

Oh HHB! How I wish I could have a slice! Hehe...i think you can sell it already..outside have not seen it yet.. LOL!

Happy Homebaker said...

Ida, Thanks for your encouragments!

Hi Rabbit...I can't wait to hear from you about your cakes :)

Chrystal, I dont have a bifg freezer too. As long as you can fit in a 18cm pan inside your freezer, you will be able to make this cake.

Hi Sukkimi, Thanks! Can you provide your blog address, as I can't seems to be able to access your blog via your blogger profile :(

Hi Maybe Strawberry, I am looking forward to read about it in your blog :) You can always play around with the ice cream flavours :)

Hi Anonymous...yes, this cake is great for the summer heat, which we experience almost everyday here!

Hi Anna, if your love oreos, you will love this cake ;)

Bridget, if I am not wrong, we have read thru the whole series of "If you give a..."! and I love those books, and won't mind reading again and again and again!

hi Esther, thanks so much for your lovely comments! I do hope you like the baked rice? as I have received comments from someone who tried it and that it was a bit tasteless :'(

Aimei, you must be joking ;D
anyone can make this cake...even w/o a loose bottom or springform pan, this can be done quite easily. You should make your own...if you don't like oreos, u can replace it with digestive biscuits...and you can choose your favourite ice cream flavours and play around with the toppings.

Mama Mia said...

Youre killing me with these photos! how did you know my two weaknesses? Ice cream and Oreos?! Can you bake my birthday cake? It was 2 days ago... hahah jk

Small Small Baker said...

I'm sure no one can resist this. I want a piece too! :drool:

Anonymous said...

oh my. i think its exactly like those store bought ones!!! waaa u really very pro man. will definitely try it out someday =)

KWF said...

HHB, you just did it again! So professionally done! When you going to have your own bakery? :D

Cutie said...

Wow, ice cream cake. Looks gorgeous. Think it's gonna be something that I'm gonna make soon. Thanks for giving me the idea. hehe... You have a great blog here. Love it.

Anonymous said...

These certainly look really good! And I think you've done a really good job in the assembling :)

Yuri said...

wow HHB, this cake is inspirational! My dd wants a choc cake for her bday and I was wondering what to do (thankfully not due till Sept) this cake is a fantastic choice! happy bday in advance to your better half

Yuri said...

oh yes, forgot to ask another question, what software r u using to add text to your photos?

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Lina, happy belated birthday!!

SSB, so, are you a oreo cookie lover too?

Hi Katherine, you should give this a try!

dear WF, thanks for your encouragement...I already have my own the one in my kitchen :) and my poor family members are forced to pretend to be the customers, lolz!

Thanks Cutie...I can't wait to hear about your ice cream cake!

dear Elyn, no, I didn't do a good job on the chocolate ganache was not very even :( luckily no one noticed it ;p

Hi Yuri, it's always fun and yet very stressful to bake a bday cake for your love ones! I'm sure u will experience the anxiety very soon! I used the editing tool within the Flickr website to add in the text. This is the tool that I have been looking for ages...simple and easy to use! have fun!

Anonymous said...


May I know what is Nestle Pouring Cream and heavy cream? Where can I buy them?

Thanks & best regards,

An Economist Baker said...

Wow. This looks really beautiful and delicious! :)

MH said...

Oreo & ice cream in a cake! Who can resist? Yummy! Look like store bought one :)

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful! I could've sworn it looks like one of those Swensen's ice-cream cakes! Great job :)

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Michelle, are u a local? you can get the nestle pouring cream at any of the local supermarkets here. It comes in a small can and available at the shelves at the baking supplies section (not refrigerated). You can also choose to use heavy cream...available at cold storage. I usually use this brand "Bulla".

Anonymous said...

You did a beautiful job on that cake -- WOW! Never tried an ice cream cake on my own; have only eaten Dairy Queen's (nummy!). Definitely going to give this a go on my own, thanks!

thecoffeesnob said...

That cake looks amazing! Oreos and ice cream, mmm. It can't get any better than that :D

Elin Chia said...

Hi, ur oreo ice cream cake looks yummY! thanks for sharing the recipe :)

Cookie baker Lynn said...

That looks so delicious. I've always wanted to make an ice cream cake. Thanks for the directions!

sherlyn said...

What can I say. Simply marvellous. Looks so good. Happy belated birthday to your hubby.

Gazelle said...

wow! amazing! Your husband is very lucky! :)

Quinn said...

The only flaw in this cake is that it is flawless!Lovely!

- nich - said...


I've just discovered you blog and I'm inspired to try this out. Do you think it'll work with half the recipe?

I don't have an oven at the moment, so I have to stick to the non-bake options. =)


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi nich, you can half the recipe, however do use a smaller cake pan (my pan size is 18cm) otherwise you may have a very flat cake. Hope this helps :)

- nich - said...

Thanks, HHB. I'll keep that in mind. But one more question, how do I unmold if I dont have a loose bottom pan. Can I just use a normal round baking tin? Do I line it with cling wrap or a foil?

Thanks again.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Nich, I think it will be quick tricky if you dont have a loose bottom pan for this ice cream cake. You can line a normal pan with either cling wrap or foil, however, the sides will not be smooth due to the crumbled foil/wrap. One way to overcome this is...after the cake is unmold, you can swipe a hot palette knife (dipped in hot water & wiped dry) around the sides to smoothen it a bit and then put it back to freeze again...but I am really not sure whether this will work.

Anonymous said...

The cake is definitely delicious. However, the chocolate ganache I did seemed to shrink at the sides after it was left to freeze. What did I do wrong ??? I used the nestle milk cream and hershe baking chocolate.


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Su, I am sorry, I'm not clear what you meant by the ganache shrinking at the side? could you care to elaborate?

Anonymous said...

The ganache was spread evenly on top of the cake. After I took out from the freezer, the chocolate is only at the center and I can see an outer ring of icecream. It seemed to shrink from the sides. Is it because the consistency of the ganache is too thick?


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Su, oh dear, I've not encountered this before! It's really strange that the chocolate ganache would shrink that much. I could only suspect that the melting of the chocolate was not done properly. I'm sorry I won't be able to give much comment on this due to my limited knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know which kind of dark chocolate you used?What brand?.



Happy Homebaker said...

hi Beebee, are you a local? For this cake, I used dark chocolates bought from Carrefour...their house brand. It comes in a pack of 2, each at 200g (about $5 a pack). There are these words on the packing "Dessert Corse" and "chocolate extra-fin, pur beurre de cacao". It has a 64% cocoa content.

Anonymous said...


I really want to use your recipe for my brother-in-law's birthday cake. I'm going to give it a go this weekend so I'm prepared.

My question is, and it might be a bit silly, exactly how frozen is it after 6 hours? My brother-in-law lives 20 minutes away from me and it would be impossible to finish the cake at his house. I was just wondering if there was anyway to get around the cake melting on the way over?!

Thank you very much
Amy x

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Amy,

I'm not sure whether I read you correctly, are u concern about bringing the unfinished cake from your brother-in-law's house back to your own home, or is it the other way round? I am not sure how frozen is it after 6 hours, but if you really intend to bring it over, do freeze it over night, at least you are certain that it is well frozen. I would think it it better to bring the cake before unmolding (together with the pan), so once you reach his place, you can pop it into the freezer to let it set again before serving. I found something related on this link: ( hope you find it relevant.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't explain myself very well. I was worried about taking the finished cake on a 20 minute car journey from my house to his and that the ice cream would melt. I'm going to take your advice though and freeze it over night then keep it in the cake tin untill I get there. Thank you so much
Amy x

Anonymous said...

dear happy homebaker,
thanks for the recipe.. i jus made my ice cream cake yesterday! haha.. erm.. quite successful for the 1st try. except that the oreo crumbs base is quite hard.. thanks a million!! hahaha...

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Mushroom, it was also my first attempt at making an ice cream cake. I guess the oreo crumbs turn hard due to the freezing.

Anonymous said...


I made the cake and posted pictures and description on my blog. Please take a look. I also posted a link back to you so that everyone knows where to go for the best ice cream cake!
Amy x

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Amy, thanks for linking me up! I'm so glad that it all went well :) Next time, you can play around with the flavours...just use digestive biscuits instead of oreos as base if you are looking at something fruity and non-chocolatey :D

Anonymous said...

Is the nestle pouring cream the same as nestle La Lechera. I live in Chicago il and it is a very sweet and thick cream. What size spring form pan would I use?

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Anonymous, I used a 18cm or 7" pan. Are you referring to nestle La Lechera sweetened condensed milk? No, I am not using condensed milk for the ganache, I am using Nestle pouring cream which has got 25% milk fat. I think it is called Table Cream in the USA. You can always use other brands of heavy cream.

Anonymous said...

hi happy homebaker,

first time i came across an ice cream cake recipe. sounds exciting and yummy to me =]

whenever i need chocolate, i will buy them from carrefour too. its quite cheap considering that they sell 400g for 5bucks. good deal! . and most importantly the quality of chocolate is pretty good for its price.normal chocolates from supermarket sell for like 5plus for maybe 100 to 200g.

i have tried both "Dessert Corse" and "chocolate extra-fin, pur beurre de cacao". pretty decent.


Happy Homebaker said...

ZY, I have tried both types of chocolates you mentioned. They are pretty good for their price :)

Anonymous said...

i just realised i bought the wrong cream... i go and buy thickened cream :( can i used this cream? and the amt to be use?


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Elaine, you can use thickened cream, the amount to use is the same, 1 cup.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I tried making this but the after around 5 hours the ice cream is kinda like..soft..its like when u touch it u can compress it and then bounce back out abit...and there'll be a lil stain on my hand...any advice?

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Tasmin, have you covered the ice cream cake with the chocolate ganache when you mention that the ice cream is still soft? It is ok, if you have not covered it. After covering with the chocolate ganache,it is best to chill the cake over night, as it really depends whether your freezer is cold enough (especially if it is full, it may take a longer time for the ice cream to freeze). Once left over night, it should firm up.

Anonymous said...

HEY!!!! HELLO!! xDDD tis is the link of the oreo icecream cake i made..i put some ..sugar gum paste flower on the top and use some whipped topping for the...piping...xD and some fondant for the letters :X Thank u so much for all ur help xD

Happy Homebaker said...

Wow, Tasmin! Your ice cream cake is lovely! I really admire the time and effort you have spent to make a birthday cake for your friend. Your friend is so lucky! Happy birthday to you friend :D

Anonymous said...

Hello HHB,
What is cling wrap? Sorry as this is a stupid question to ask. Hmm, how do you decorate the first layer with oreo? The oreo seem to be cut off till half then you place it onto?

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Anonymous, a cling wrap is a clear plastic sheet that clings tightly to keep food fresh. You can take a look at this site here (
Yes, I cut the oreo cookies into halves before placing them on top.

Anonymous said...

Hello HHB
Is heavy cream same as thick cream?
Thank alot[:

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, yes they refers to the same thing.

pohling said...

hey home baker,
may i know what flavour did u use for the ice-cream in the recipe?

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Pohling, I used 'Cookies & Cream' ice cream.

pohling said... goin to make the cake now :D i hope it will be a great success!

Anonymous said...

WOW this is MY dream birthday cake!

Aimei said...

I just made an ice-cream cake for my bf's birthday cos' ice-cream is his favourite dessert. It's freezing in the freezer now. Wasstill soft just now. Hopefully it'll be successful! Will let you know ow it turns out!

Aimei said...

Thanks for sharing this! My bf like this cake alot, so do I! :D

huiqi said...

Dear HHB,

I found one kind of nestle cream that says, "Pure dairy sterilised cream". The instruction says, "add milk for pouring". Is that what you are using? How do I know how much milk to add?


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Huiqi, you don't have to add milk to make this chocolate ganache.

Anonymous said...

Hi. can i ask where you get heavy cream or pouring cream?? and the oreo cookies weight 110g before crumbled or after?
sorry to trouble. want to try make this :)

Anonymous said...

Ohya. forget to add on. i buy a 200g dark chocolate that contain 70% of cocoa and how do i know is it 150g? Sorry to trouble, im a 1st timer. love baking to. im just 17year old. hope to learn more from u. :) thanks

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Anonymous, I get heavy cream (I ususally use this brand Bulla) or pouring cream (Nestle) from NTUC of Carrefour.

The oreo cookies weight 110g before crumbled, I removed the white filling before crushing them.

You can use a measuring scale to weight the chocolates to get 150g.

Happy baking!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Need help on the amount of cream. 1 cup will convert to how many grams or ml? Thanks for your advice.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, I am sorry, I do not have the measurement in grams. I used a liquid measuring cup to measure out the cream, which is 250ml.

Anonymous said...

Hie HHB,
i really like your blog! u r a great baker!
I made this cake somewhere in Nov and i intend to make this again this week.
the previous time i make, the ganache doesnt stick to the icecream layer. i wonder y? do you pour the ganache over the icecream layer while its hot or cool it? i've also waited for the cake to set for abt 3-4 hrs.
pls advise.


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Stephanie, I let the ganache cool off before pouring. I didn't have problem with the chocolate layer separating from the ice cream. Strange, I wonder what's the cause?

CheezyHeart said...

Hi Happy Homemaker,

Am thinking to put some sponge finger somewhere inbtw the ice-creams.. Not sure if it'll taste any btr =p at least a portion taste like cake then all ice-cream for a ice-cream cake.

Next, may i counter check, do u remove all cream from oreo for base and top and also those mixed in ice-cream. Hope to hear from u soon as i need get it start tonight =)

thks so much

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Chezzy Heart,
I don't know about the texture for the sponge fingers when they are chilled? and you would probably need to chill the cake when it is half-filled with the ice cream before placing the sponge fingers, otherwise, maybe, they wont stay in the middle??

For the base, and the top, I remove the cream from the oreos. I kept the cream on for those that I mixed in wit the ice cream. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Happy Homebaker,

I have tried your Ribena Cheesecake and it turned out well. My friends love it.

I am going to try this oreo ice cream cake soon. I would like to ask if Bulla Pure Cream is the heavy cream you have mentioned? I was not able to find heavy cream in Carrefour when I was buying the ingredients.

Baking Noob

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Baking Noob, I used Bulla Thickened Cream (not pure cream), you can get it from cold storage or carrefour.

Sarah said...

I absolutely love Oreos and this cake looks delish! I've always wanted to try making an ice cream cake, but I have always been nervous. Your post makes it seem like it would be quite easy. I'm so excited to try this!

Tammy said...

Hi there!
I've been a HUGE fan of your blog since last year. And have tried a few of your recipes.
and i'm glad to say being only 19 years old, they turned out pretty good.
Tmrw is my brother's birthday and i would love to make this cake for him.

So i would like to ask if you have any advice at all to give me before i make it tmrw?
Just any additional details i might need to remember as i'm still not quite a professional at this baking area.
Especially since this would be my first ever ice-cream cake.

I do have a few questions myself to ask you if you don't mind. =)

1.) the heavy cream you used for the ganache, can i use whipping cream instead? I always use whipping cream for ganache's.

2.) if i want to add a layer of sponge cake before the ganache and after the ice cream is that possible?
Or do i add it elsewhere if i want to?

Thank you so much. You're blog has definately been an inspiration.

, Tammy

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Tammy, thanks for reading my blog :)

The ice cream cake is quite straight forward, the only thing to watch out for is the timing. You need to prepare in advance so as to allow time for the ice cream layer to set.
1) You can use whipping cream for your ganache.
2) I am not sure about adding the sponge layer. You definitely can't add it before the ice cream layer as it will be soaked. You can try layering it after the ice cream has set. Then you cover it with ganache. However, I am not sure whether the sponge layer will 'stick' to the ice cream layer especially upon unmolding or after slicing the cake, not sure whether the sponge layer will separate from the ice cream layer? and also the sponge layer will turn dry. Hope this helps, and happy bday to your brother :)

Tammy said...

Hi again,

Thank you for the lovely advice. =)
I think i will not go with having the sponge cake since it would be too big of a risk.

I'm just afriad that the ice cream would melt and etc when we take it out to cut. Will it?
What if i do it tonight and let it stay in the freezer overnight until tmrw(sat) dinner time?
Will that be too long and in the end freeze the entire thing up?

Thank you so much once again!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Tammy, you can leave it in the freezer over night. However, remember to take it out at least half an hour before serving to soften it, otherwise you will have problem cutting it ;)

SinFoodie said...

Great recipe and very useful instructions. Made them yday in a reduced quantity and it was very delicious. Thanks for sharing :) Have linked the recipe to you on my blog.

Happy Homebaker said...

SinFoodie, thanks for trying out the recipe :):)

Anonymous said...


I'm a fan of your page and know a few other friends who are too! Your recipes are really good. Thanks for sharing them!

I'm thinking of baking this Oreo ice cream cake for my hubby's upcoming birthday. Just wondering if I can use baking chocolate chips in place of dark chocolate? Based on your experience, will it harden as I leave it to cool?

Thanks in advance and keep sharing your wonderful and inspiring recipes! :)

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, thanks for reading my blog :):)
Yes, you can use baking chocolate chips, it will harden. Have fun :)

shiryu chen said...

I love your cakes!!
I like cheesecake hope to make one for my hubby who cooked well, baked cake.
I hope to do one for his birthday. As i never bake a cake myself.

Headache (@-@) Can anyone enlighten me the most simplest step. eg. Which Recipe can buy at NTUC due to busy schedule i only shop nearby .. really thanks

Merry Christmas to all.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi shiryu chen, I am not sure what you meant by which Recipe to buy? do you mean where to get the necessary ingredients?

Anonymous said...

How to cut the ice cream cake nicely?

Anonymous said...

How to line the baking pan using plastic sheet?
Only line the base or together with the sides?
Can use compound droplets chocolate for the chocolate ganache?
Any issue if I mix with baking chocolate chips n chocolate rice together with compound droplets chocolate since I have left over?
If I use yr suggested method to decorate the top 30mins before serving so as not to let them lose the crips, will it last till the 2nd day?
Whenever I put the cake inside the fridge to freeze it, needs to cover?
I understand I need to use cling wrap at first, wat about towards the end?
Thank you so much!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Bebe

As mentioned in my post, I lined the sides with plastic sheets cut out from cookie bags (not those thin clear plastic bags available at supermarkets). Just cut long strips according to the height of the pan and use it to line the sides.

I didn't line the base of the pan as I serve the cake with the base. You could line the base with parchment paper if u want to.

Yes, you can use compound chocolates (chocolate buttons I presume?). However, I do not know whether there is any problem if mix with chocolate chips...

The oreo crumbs will turn soft after u leave it over night.

Yes, do cover the cake every time u leave it in the freezer.

Hope this helps :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for ur prompt reply.
How to achieve a nice slice cut of the ice cream cake?
Same as cutting cheesecake?

Thank you.


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Bebe, yes, same as cutting cheesecake.

Anonymous said...

I made this cake yesterday using your recipe and it turned out great. The family loves it. Thank you for sharing the recipe and hope you will continue to keep up with the blog as it has been a great inspiration for many!