Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Easy Weekday Lunch

Here's another easy weekday lunch we had yesterday...just a couple of straight forward, ham & cheese club sandwiches.

I finally got a chance to use this set of bento boxes which I got from Daiso several months ago...and it was actually upon my boy's request that I served him his lunch in a bento box. He told me he has seen kids bought lunch boxes to school, and he would like to pack a box to school too!

I added a hard boil egg and some strawberries to complete the meal. I guess I could regard this as a wholesome meal, as other than the ham, the other ingredients such as cheese, tomatoes and romaine lettuce were considered healthy & nutritious to a growing up kid. Maybe next time I should use wholemeal bread instead of plain bread?

This set was prepared for my elder boy when he came home. As he didn't like hard-boil eggs, I made a sunny-side up for him. You would have noticed that the photos we not very well taken as both kids only gave me a couple of mins to point & shoot!

This is the set I made for myself :)

I had the fried egg sandwiched between the bread...very simple and yet delicious...paired with a nice cup of coffee, I felt like I was having lunch (more like breakfast?!) in a cafe ;)

The good point about this kind of 'put-together' meals, is that, the kids are always eager to get involved...they get to decide on what comes first and the amount of ingredients that goes in there. The only problem with sandwiches is that my younger boy will 'dismantle' the layers while eating...a horrible sight which I rather don't mention ;p


sherlyn said...

Now you can make wholemeal bread to make these sandwiches (plus lots of other varieties) for your boys to bring to school ..

A pity my kids very fussy in veges and don't take raw too, infact my boy only prefer brocolli. *sigh*

p/s : the pictures are very well taken already. :-)

Sue Sue said...

Wah a lovely lunch for the kids and the lovely shot you have taken. My little boy dun like sandwiches and always wanted rice.

MrsB said...

Hi, I got tagged by Rosie and so I'm carrying it on by tagging you! Hope you don't mind, you're suppose to write 5 intestering facts about yourself! I love your blog by the way!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Sherlyn, thanks! I am still a little hesitant about packing food for my boy to bring to school...coz of our weather, I am concern whether the food will turn bad...got to be very careful with the ingredients that goes into the lunch box.

Hi Sue Sue, you can make rice sandwiches...or rice balls. They are equally easy to prepare :)

Hi MrsB, thanks for tagging me. I have problem access your blog via your blog profile...would appreciate it if you could leave your blog address. looking forward to read your blog :D