Saturday, 18 August 2007

Lunch Box

My elder boy didn't have to attend school for the last 2 days as the Primary 6 students are taking their school leaving exams. In fact it was considered school holidays for most primary schools here. The boys were pleased when their cousin decided to come over to stay. The three of them grown up together...went to the same pre-school, and were with each other almost everyday, before the two elder kids went to primary school. Although they still get to see each other 2 to 3 times a week, they still missed playing with each other.

When I told my niece to bring along a lunch box when she came over to stay, she came with this:

I am not a fan of Hello Kitty (my niece and I prefer the other Sanrio characters), but I still find this super cute!

The three of us had fun putting this together. The kids took turn to make the rice balls and arrange the food items on their lunch boxes.

The triangular-shaped rice ball was wrapped with otah as fillings. The other two were wrapped with a mixture of pork floss and mayonnaise. I like the one with otah fillings as it is very fragrant and tasted very good with rice!

Those chicken wings were marinated with terriyaki sauce and baked with my toaster. My niece was very fascinated with the egg moulds. She was surprised to discover that the egg yolk actually took up the same shape as the mould.

We also used cookie cutters to cut out the carrots...and it was a good idea as my younger boy, who doesn't really like carrots, finished up his portion without trying to 'give away' his share ;)

We completed the set with some konnyaku jelly and Reese's peanut butter cups!

I made a peach tart to give away as gift. It was for Uncle Tan, a school assistant at the kids' pre-school. He's very fond of my elder boy even though he has already left the pre-school for almost 3 years. When I met him a few weeks back, he told me he has not seen my boy for months. I promised I will bring my boy to visit him when he doesn't need to attend school. So the three of us went to the kindergarten to pick up my younger boy...and the two elder kids met their former teachers.

I was quite pleased with this tart as it was much better than my first attempt. Practise really makes perfect, isn't it?


  1. Super cute lunch and your tart is lovely. The swirl in the center makes it just perfect!

  2. The Hello Kitty lunch box is SOOooooo Cute. Saw your Reese's Peanut Butter Cups... I miss it so much cos won't be able to find in any of the supermarkets here.
    You make such a nice tart... " drooling" liao.

  3. omgosh!! that hello kitty lunch box is soooooo cute!!! How come all the cute things seem to only be available in asian countries?? Some asian stores here sell mini rectangular obento boxes with sanrio prints, but they cost >AU$30, which I think is quite ludicrous, especially given their size 0_o

    The peach tart looks great, HHB :)

  4. Yr first attempt oso very good lah! I am so tempted to try to mk fruit tart but not sure abt the part when u roll into a ball and roll out between 2 pieces of plastic sheets......won't it all get messed up?? And almond meal (means the flour is like almond taste right?) and can be bought at bake shops, yes? And meaning, normal flour is totally not required in this tart if the almond taste is what we are after for "pang-ness", yes? Oh! So complicated!!!! But looks so so yummy!

  5. hi, i know this is a bit unrelated but i just wanted to find out where you get you reese's peanut butter cups from? i thought the've stopped selling them here in spore and i miss them so much. i only get them when overseas. btw, your tart looks gorgeous.

  6. hi anonymous, my husband got them when he went to the states a couple of weeks back. We used to buy a whole carton back! (got them from COSCO, a hypermart in the states). I've seen them at cold storage, but not sure whether they still have it here?

    vb, the dough will not get messy when you roll them in between two plastic sheets...they will not stick onto the worries :)
    I think almond meal is finer than grounded almond...but both doesn't contain any flour, just almond. so u will still need to add flour. you should give it a niece was drooling away when the tart was baking/cooling...she kept saying, "wow, heng xian leh!". I promised her that I will make one for her...but she wants mandrain oranges as topping?! will see how!

  7. That Hello Kitty lunchbox is super cute!! My gal would love it! :) They don't sell Reese's PB in Spore?

  8. hi blur mommy, the Hello Kitty lunchbox was bought in Japan...and yes, you can hardly see any Reese's PB here :(

  9. Dear HHB,

    Your peach tart looks great !

    Just wondering where did you get those nice little egg mould ?


  10. Hi Yvonne, I got the egg moulds from Daiso.

  11. Hello there HHB! Aw the lunch kit is adorable! Your peach tart looks absolutley divine and delicious! I am sure uncle Tan appreciated it very much!

  12. hi debbie, thanks! I really hope he likes it :)

  13. hi am new here, u have great recipe over here. i was trying ur sweet buns recipe, its turned good. thanks :)

  14. I saw Reese's peanut butter cups at Vivocity's Candy Empire, but not sure if it's the type you want. Maybe you can try taking a look there!

  15. Hi Hazel, thanks for the info, will sure check it out :)

  16. I'm also like you - dont fancy those heavily glazed tarts sold commercially but I'm really impressed by your tart. May I ask where u get your foil tart pan that has the side scallop design? I havent seen this before in any shops.

  17. hi Xan, if I remember correctly, I got the disposable tart pan from Phoon Huat (the outlet at Hougang). I do noticed that those available at cold storage/ntuc or SKP shops do not have the scallop design at the side. hope this helps, and thanks for visiting :)

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