Monday, 16 July 2007

Fun with Eggs

Made these hard boiled eggs for the kids breakfast yesterday...

using the egg mould set I got from Daiso. The egg moulds are quite simple to use. Just need to peel off the egg shells while the eggs are still hot and place them in the egg moulds, cover and leave to cool. The eggs that I used were slightly too small to fill up the egg moulds...

as such, the supposedly star-shaped egg looked more a little flower...

while the hear-shaped one looked superbly cute ;)

After slicing the eggs, I realised that the egg yolks were not cooked thoroughly...but I liked the fact that even the egg yolks were shaped accordingly ;)

Since I am on the topic of eggs, I'll like to share these interesting Black eggs we had when we went to Hakone, Japan, recently.

The eggs are cooked in the volcanic springs...the shells are blackened due to a chemical reaction with the sulphur in the spring water.

Other than the blackened shells, they tasted just like any ordinary hard-boiled eggs...but according to Japanese legend, every one egg you eat will add seven years to your life. We were not very greedy, we only ate one egg each. Will probably visit Hakone again if I ever needed another 7 addtional years of life span ;)

This cute Hello Kitty was sitting outside a gift shop. Very kawaii isn't it?!


  1. The eggs are so lovely!
    I didn't know molding eggs this way was possible!

  2. Hahahahahaha....the eggs are just hilarious!!!!! I envy yr kids! They are so so lucky! My mom was never a typical mother...poor me!

  3. The eggs are so cute! I haven't been to daiso lately but because of these cute moulds, I need to make a trip there as soon as I can. My youngest son would love this :)

  4. Wow.. which Daiso u got these cute egg mould from. I also got some but it's some an online spree... hahaha... guess kids will loves these eggs even better with all these cute shapes.

  5. Hi Patricia,
    You can hop by fellow Flickr member, Rei Rei's photos here. She made egg flowers, by tying 4 chopsticks to the egg...amazing isn't it?!

    hey Ellena, I got them from the outlet at Plaza Singapura. I saw your blog posting on your egg moulds too! Lovely!

    vb, actually, my kids are not very 'blessed' to have me as their mum...I always think that I am not doing enough for them...but they still love me, well, at least for the time being ;)

  6. i tried looking for the egg mould at Vivo City's Daiso and cant find it. Now i know i can try my luck at Plaza Sing. Got a feeling it juz might be sold out :p

  7. hi shan, hope you can get it at PS, good luck! :)

  8. The molded eggs are so cute! How could you start a day off grumpy looking at something so adorable?

  9. I'm also very tempted to get it too when I saw it the other day but I dun hv kids at home :(

    Btw, I read that in order to get the yolk in the middle, stir occassionally during the boiling stage.

  10. Hi Elyn, thanks for the tips :)