Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Oreo Yogurt Cake with Chocolate Crumble

Made this cake for my husband's birthday. His birthday falls on the later part of the week, but as he will be travelling (again!), we celebrated the occasion earlier. Well, this is the first ever birthday cake I have baked for him. It was kind of difficult to decide what kind of cake to make. When I made him cheesecakes, he commented that it was too cheesy for him...and when he tried my sponge-layer cake, he suggested that a biscuit base would taste better!?

Eventually I came up with this "mix & match" cake. The base is made with a layer of Oreo biscuit crumbs, the middle is a yogurt filling and then topped with chocolate crumbles. The recipe for the yogurt filling was from taken from this blogger. It's a very interesting recipe as it uses Yakult, yogurt and whipping cream...no cheese or eggs involved. Instead of Yakult, I used Vitagen. My elder boy insists that they could only drink Vitagen as it has less sugar!

The texture of the yogurt filling is very soft, silky and smooth...my younger one thinks it's like eating tofu (soft bean curd). Overall the cake is a rather refreshing dessert...light and not too sweet. Most importantly, there were no complaints from the birthday "man".

Here's the recipe for the chocolate butter crumbles:


50g butter
30g caster sugar
15g brown sugar
50g flour
20g cocoa powder

1. Sieve flour and cocoa powder. Mix all dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl.
2. Rub in butter to crumble stage. If the mixture gets a little too sticky, just add in a little more flour to form dry crumbs.
3. Bake in a baking tray lined with parchment paper in a pre-heated oven at 170 degC for 35 mins.


  1. Sooo sweet of you to make a cake for your hubby :) I understood the chinese words your son wrote, very thoughtful of him. I'm pretty sure your hubby is pretty overwhelmed with happiness by now :)

    Btw, that's a really nice cake. Are the letters made of candy?

  2. Hi Anne, the card with the Chinese words was done by my younger boy. He asked me to show him how to write the Chinese word for "love".

    Yes, the letters are store-bought sugar candies, I got it from the Seng Shiong Supermart.

  3. awwwww nice cake happy homebaker! i can see the love, effort and creativity you put into it =) the letters are so cute. where did you get them from?

    haha i drink vitagen too coz its bigger in size :p your boy is so cute. at least he knows too much sugar is bad for health!

    anyway, whats with the orangutan in the card? so funny!

  4. Hey, another beautiful piece from you :) You noe, I was reading and scrolling down, wondering if you hv include a shot of the inside and you did! Am sure going to try making one of these day :)

  5. Hi Elyn, I can't wait to see your post on this cake...it's quite easy to make...almost like making a no-bake cheesecake :)

  6. Wow, I'm not a daddy but wouldn't I be walking on clouds with a cake like that?

  7. Hi,

    may i ask what is a "parchment paper" is it grease paper? =pp ('blush') where can we get it? tks =)

  8. Hi Chezzyheart, yes, parchment paper is similar to grease paper. They are easily available in supermarkets. Hope this helps.

  9. Hello Happyhomebaker

    I have tried making this cake two times! But it has never set properly, even when I chill it for two days! I wonder what is wrong?

    Although it's been about a year since your last comment, I really home you'd reply this!


  10. Hi Claudeeaah, could it be due to the gelatin powder you use? Did you dissolve it in water? I usually sprinkle gelatin powder onto the water, let is sit for about 5mins, then stir to let it dissolve completely. If it doesnt, I will place it (water & gelatine in a bowl) over a pot of simmering water to make sure it dissolves completely. Then let it cool off before using. You may read more about gelatin here (http://www.joyofbaking.com/other/glossaryCG.html#Gelatin). Hope this helps :)

  11. Hey again :)

    I did! In fact, I stirred the sugar and gelatin until they dissolved completely, till a sticky kinda solution.

    I really wanted to try the cake, but it left me baffled. I was so desperate that I shoved the cake into the freezer. Instead of tasting like tofu, it tasted like shaved ice instead =/

  12. Hi HHB,

    Thanks for your reply on the banana cake. Will go look around for another recipe then (what a pity, i love the bits).

    Here, I would like to ask you, for this cake, is it a 7 inch or 9 inch pan? I got a big tub of sugarless yogurt that I want to finish, so i got to find lots of recipe with yogurt to finish it hahaha.

    Also what would be the effect (if you have try before) of using 200ml of whip cream instead? (didn't want to keep the little remainder).

  13. Hi Sherlyn, I followed the originator's pan size which is 7 inch. No, I have not tried using whipping cream for this cake. Maybe you can use it for other cakes?

  14. oh no, I don't have a 7 inch pan. Looks like I have to add it to my buying list.

    You did not use whipped cream? The recipe originator you mentioned uses whipped cream wor. I am thinking of using 200ml instead of using 150ml.

    If not whipped cream, what did you use?

  15. Hi Sherlyn, pai seh, pai seh!!! I got mixed it up! Yes, I used Non-dairy whipping cream. I won't suggest that you increase the amount of whipping cream, as the cake may not set properly. I used an 8 inche pan for this version as at that time, I didn't have a 7 in pan too. The resulting cake was slightly 'shorter'.

  16. keke, nvm, no big issue. hmm .. u use 8 inch pan, but the height look ok wor. I only have a 9 inch springform .. and a 6 inch heart shape one .. ok let me think how to work this out


  17. Hi Sherlyn, I will suggest that you use the 6" heart pan. You can gauge and any excess you can chill it in small bowls or pudding cups. I will also like to recommend that you get a 7" and a 8" removable bottom pans, as these are the common size to use. You can get them from PH, about $4 ~ 5 each. I find that these removable ones are very useful, works just like a springform pan, and yet can be use like a normal pan.

  18. Hi Sherlyn, I will suggest that you use the 6" heart pan. You can gauge and any excess you can chill it in small bowls or pudding cups. I will also like to recommend that you get a 7" and a 8" removable bottom pans, as these are the common size to use. You can get them from PH, about $4 ~ 5 each. I find that these removable ones are very useful, works just like a springform pan, and yet can be use like a normal pan.

  19. Hi HHB,

    Thanks for all your help ( Wondering how can I give u a teachers' day present). I manage with the 6 inch loose bottom pan and a mini springform that my mother buy to make up last bit of a PH voucher. Tasty cake but think my crumble failed. So ugly looking cake that I wonder shd I still subject my friends to the pictures. Will probably update blog some other day. Don't be scare by it okie.

  20. Hi Sherlyn, thanks for the kind thoughts, but I am not of much help, and I certainly not qualified to be a teacher!! I consider myself relatively new in baking, I am just sharing with you from my experience :)
    Oh, what happened to the crumbles?
    I realised that in our weather here, I have problems rubbing-in butter into the flour. The butter melts away very quickly, resulting in very coarse, big lumps of crumbles, this is especially so if the amount of flour is very little. Anyway this cake of mine is not a very pretty one either ;)

  21. keke, I also don't know what went wrong with the crumbles .. it just doesnt look like yours.

    Ya I always have problems rubbing butter into flour. I don't think I created crumbs at all. Sometimes I just give up and go ahead when I don't see traces of butter, but still alot of flour crowding around the crumbs. This time, you mentioned that can add flour if too wet, so i just keep adding flour till I am satisfied (when I see sandy kind of appearance), so perhaps I may have overloaded the crumbs with flour. Also I use sometihng to help me cut butter into flour. I am not sure what is it called, but my mother bought from PH, and I am sure you know what is it.

  22. erm...what does 'Whip the non-diary whipping cream till mousse state.' mean in the tazz's website?the soft peaks or stiff peaks for frosting?do you have a photo sample to show?sorry for the trouble... :) pls reply

  23. oh yeah...forget to ask what brand of non-dairy whip cream u use?

  24. Hi holidaybaker, I took it('mousse state') to mean to whip till soft peaks, not stiff peak. I get non-dairy whippping cream from Phoon Huat...it's under their housebrand, RedMan. Hope this helps :)