Monday, 24 December 2007

Let it Snow!

Living almost right on the Equator means that we never get to see snow on Christmas. In fact I didn't get to experience snow until we went for our honeymoon. My first encounter with snow was at Mount Titlis, Switzerland. We were naturally very excited on the first sight of snow, and this funny idea came to my mind...I was quite sure the powdery texture of the snow could make very good ice kacang ;)

Even then, I didn't get to see snow fall until a few years later at Grand Canyon, and we made our first ever snowman at King's Canyon National Park on the Christmas eve in year 2000.

We weren't expecting snow at all when we prepared for this road trip. Hence, both of us didn't bring any gloves along. Fortunately, my elder boy, who was still a toddler then, was warmly dressed!

We didn't have any 'prior' knowledge of making a snowman, and so we made ours by gathering some snow around...very much like building sand castles at the beach!! It was much later that we learnt that we have to roll a small snowball all over the ground in order to form a giant snowball!

Even though we suffered great pain playing snow with our bare hands, we managed to come out with a snow sculpture that we proudly called 'snowman'!

Our second snowman was made at Mount Hamilton at San Jose on the first week of year 2004. My boy was holding this tiny snowman we made with the little 'leftover' snow by the roadside, just outside the Mount Hamilton Observatory. We were quite prepared for the trip...not only did we remember to bring our gloves, we also brought along a few baby carrots for the nose!

This is officially our 3rd 'snowman' ;)

We made snowman rice balls for lunch on this xmas eve. I borrowed the idea from this Japanese mother...the bento lunchboxes she made for her child are simply awesome!!!

I filled the rice balls with the kids favourite fillings...pork floss with mayonnaise. I cut out the eyes and mouth from small sheets of nori (seaweed). I used a knife to craft out the scarf on a slice of picnic ham (I was surprised that it was quite easily done), and a crab meat stick served as the hat. It is only while writing this post that I realised I have totally forgotten about the nose!!!

This one is for my younger boy as his snowman was slightly smaller in size. His snowman had got legs!!! The 'rosy cheeks' were made by dabbing some ketchup with a small spoon ;)

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating these bento sets. Most of all, we enjoyed the food...believe me or not, it tasted as good as it looked!
Here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!! May all of you enjoyed this festive seasons with your loved ones :D


sweet-tooth said...

Merry Christmas, Happy Homebaker!

Sue Sue said...

Wow what a cute one. Great idea for the kids bento. Can I borrow this idea for my kid bento?


Merry Christmas again.

Mandy said...

Merry Christmas! The bento sets are adorable! Love your snowmen. They look so real.

Opaline said...

Your boys are so lucky!

zhengning said...

Ah~ Your Bentomeal looks so cute! :) That's what i love abt bento, ah too cute to eat lol.

Mer said...

Super cute snowmen bentos! Merry Christmas to you. :0)

eliza said...

merry x-mas to you and your family HBB!

Small Small Baker said...

You are always so creative. Merry Christmas!!!

Ning's Mummy said...

Very cute bento!

Merry Christmas to you and you family!

Chee said...

'Ice Kacang' is spelled like this in fact..

Happy Homebaker said...

dear all, thanks for your nice comments, here's wishing all of you a great year ahead :D

hi Chee, thanks for pointing it out, I have corrected it :')